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455 thoughts on “Share Your Blogs Here :D

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      1. Thanks for letting me know. I’m using Akismet but for a few weeks now I had no spam comments at all, which is weird. I’ll look into it, ta!

  2. I so much recognize your review of the post that you have on your site. It was so interesting and the post was well explained, I think you are good in article writing. The way you present your sentence are straight forward. I should be writing something more like this keyword that you have here, I want to introduce you to my website also and there are many articles you can read about like

    1. My pleasure, we’ve been blogging together for a long time now. Taking me a while to get back into the swing of it, but gradually reconnecting with old friends like you – so thanks for reminding me 🙂

  3. Great blog, and thanks for following me! Hi I’m Paul! Writer / Blogger / Reviewer, Sci-Fi geek, fan of Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Movies, Comic Books, and all things PS4. On my blog Sci-Fi Jubilee I post articles and reviews. Hope you enjoy and feel free to like, subscribe or follow my blog and other social media if you do. Cheers!

    You can follow me at…

    My Blog: Sci-Fi Jubilee
    Twitter: @paul_bowler

  4. Hi! I’m Genie! I blog at where I post daily positive and inspirational quotes, nature photos and sometimes a few words of my own. I try to follow a monthly theme which this month is the simple life. Stop by and say hello. Thank you Don!

      1. Hello Mr. Charisma,
        Thank you for your blog and allowing me to post! I am a Upstate New York Christian Illustrator. My goal is to be able to connect with other Black Christian artists here in Binghamton New York to have an Art Gallery either brick and mortar or online. Some of my drawings are shown on my blog to this link.

        And on Facebook

        Have a blessed day!

  5. Great blog, and a great opportunity for people to share their sites.

    I wanted to create a blog were people everywhere can post short stories or poems for everybody to see. It doesn’t have a lot of writers engaged right now. But you have to start somewhere, right?

    I would be glad if you took a few minutes of you’re day to check out my blog, and maybe you have something to share yourself.

    Please visit:

  6. Hi Don. Great blog and what a masterpiece. Lots of work goes into this and I’ve always been impressed with it.

    I am a serious writer of fiction and creative non-fiction and I use a blog to decompress and rant and write short pieces to clear the clutter out of my brain.

    In a recent article I referenced your blog as a place to show off and meet other blogs and generally read some fun articles.

    Thanks for doing what you do. – bz

  7. Hi Don, I guess you have been very busy. I do miss your photos and inspiring quotes. Last year, you were kind enough to reblog my Top 10 Movies of the Year list. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me as it brought me tons of new readers and comments and subscribers. Anyway, here is this year’s list: and I hope to see more of your posts soon. Happy New Year for 2016! xx

  8. Thanks for following my blog Don, you da man!

    I am at again this time with what has been a huge undertaking that can only be described as a labor of love. I have spent months scouring the internet and every music platform out there, going through literally hundreds of songs for this. I have finally done it and the result is The Audio Museum’s Top 15 Best Blues Songs of All Time. Today I released number 13 and it’s going to keep getting better and better the closer we get to number one. If you love blues music, classic rock, etc. you don’t want to miss this.

  9. Hi Don & all of Don’s followers I’m a artist and a art teacher.I love teaching kids and to blog about my experience,also I like to read other bloggers .you can find me at www . 🙂

  10. Well, I’ve just discovered WordPress and am delighted to have found you, Don Charisma. New follower, right here.
    I am a writer (YA and children’s fiction) living on Vancouver Island in B.C. I also work in a bookstore. My new blog ( is all about the things I observe while I’m at work….mostly.
    Thanks again for the opportunity for some shameless self-promotion, and I look forward to finding my way around your very eclectic site! – Carol Anne

  11. Just wanted to say a late thanks for following me, I can see why you got the influential award being a man of all trades. 😉
    I’ll probably stick to drawing and writing after I find a successor taking the job of administrating company networks from me. 😛

    Email: or

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    New subscribers to The Writer’s Monthly Review Magazine will receive pdf version of my new book The Basics of Writing, and Getting Published, by Marcella Simmons. Print copies are available for a limited time! When you purchase the print copy you receive a free pdf. you can use on any computer. Allow up to 4 weeks for delivery…

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    If you’re interested in subscribing to our magazine and receiving your free pdf copy
    or purchasing the print edition of The Basics of Writing… email me at I can send you an invoice via Paypal which makes paying easier.

    My Name is Andrea, my blog is bi-lingual, hungarian and english. Recently i am focusing on posting more photos, and try do more posts as a photography blog.

  14. Hey! Abril here. I wanted to share my experience at my first ever wine bar. Instead of writing a review. I decided to post an audio post and take you along the journey. I’d like to hear your thoughts

  15. Hi there!

    Thanks so much for this opportunity! My name is Tonya, and I grew up and now live on my family’s 100-year-old farm. My blog, Fourth Generation Farmgirl, posts on everything from wool to wine and tractors to travel. You’ll find posts on our sheep and chickens as well as heirloom recipes, wine, and lots more. So, I hope you will come by and visit Green Hill Farm. I’m looking forward to meeting you! 🙂

  16. Reblogged this on elcaminoalacima and commented:
    Es una magnífica oportunidad para conocer o interactuar con distintas personas. Gracias Don charisma.
    I think it’s a good oportunity to meet new people and make friends on the bloggosfera. Thank you very much, Don.

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