REBLOG – Keralan curry cooking class

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Indian food is almost always delicious … a particular delicacy is food from Southern Indian regions of places like Kerala … Enjoy the cooking class …

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Today we got to enjoy watching and learning how to make real Keralan dishes – and of course got to taste all of the delights in a huge feast at the end.


We arrived in fort kochi yesterday, and noticed that our guesthouse (christville) offered cooking classes. Our lovely host Preethy gave us an excelent demonstration and we learned the real recipies for thali – which we have been enjoying so much this trip.


We started with learning how to make green bean thoran – one of my favs 😊. The dish is very simple and the ingredients are all accessible back home, which is great.


All keralan food uses coconut oil for frying, which is a little pricey back home but it gives it the true flavour.

Preethy started by frying black mustard seeds until popped, added shallots and fryed until dark and then added tumeric and curry leaves.

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