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Bubble and squeak is a traditional British dish, originally made (someone told me) to use up left over potato and cabbage. It is actually surprisingly tasty 🙂

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Jana's Mummy

Bubble and Squeak Bubble and Squeak

Ta-da! So here is what I’ve been upto in the kitchen last week. It took me a while to get this up on the site as my phone has gone off for repairs and it was just too much effort going upstairs to the desktop to write up this post. (I will make no excuses for my laziness) I have finally mustered up the energy to take the few steps that leads me to share with you this bubble and squeak recipe. It’s a very simple, yet healthy, snack to make for your little one. I actually served it to baby J as her main meal. It’s perfect as Jana doesn’t have enough teeth to tackle harder foods and this allows her to eat these vegetables, all mushed up, so she gets used to the taste with no fuss when there are horrible looking greens on her plate!…

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