The past is over…forget it. The future holds hope…reach for it.

«The past is over…forget it. The future holds hope…reach for it.»

— Charles R. Swindoll quotes are sponsored by – you dream it we built it … because – “anything is possible with Charisma”

18 thoughts on “The past is over…forget it. The future holds hope…reach for it.

  1. Don, I have to thank you. Your Quote today incited me so that I could not help myself–I had to examine the subject of whether history is important or not. I realize, Swindoll’s quote was more in the manner of comforting and encouraging individuals to be able to “move on” after some tragedy in life, but I have “issues” with the phrase “…forget it.”

    Thank you for inciting me. 😉

    1. Always a good idea to keep an internal locus of control … as for others manipulating us, well doesn’t hurt to let them think they are in control sometimes …

      1. Yes Yoshiko, we shouldn’t be letting people hurt us … but what I mean is that we don’t need to fix other people’s problems, that’s their responsibility … if they are being manipulative, then you don’t need to tell them, they should figure it out for themselves.

      2. Well, perhaps make an excuse and leave … or just agree with them, but internally don’t … there are many ways to outwit a manipulator 🙂

      3. That is what my friends and I do not know. I can feel the sting of her pain. We go through similar ordeal. She can not stand it until she argued with such person whom she interacts with.

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