Delhi Dudes

These guys asked me to to take their photo …

I often get this because I’m taking photos they think I must be able to take a decent photo … which is probably true actually !

So one good turn deserves another – I took their photos for them on both their iPhones, on condition they let me shoot them …

This was the best photo, really stood out because – I don’t know, exactly, guy feeling … I like that it’s slightly out of focus, and the background is nicely blurred making them the stars of the photo … so a macro effect in a portrait …

They are also very well dressed and groomed … sunglasses add an element of cool …

Delhi they told me their home is … I’d have guessed at Arab from the look, but they were too polite for Arabs 🙂 … Not that Arabs are rude, they just seem to be a little more reserved … Indians I find very polite, open and well mannered, on the whole, which these guys were …


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5 thoughts on “Delhi Dudes

  1. Hey. It was great to know that Indian are known to be polite and well mannered which is true for most if us. Being an Indian, I was specially interested in this one. Delhi Dudes… ha ha… Such a great tag. You should visit Delhi. All are dude;)

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