Moped Kids

There’s a lot of skill involved in portrait photography … buildings, plants, flowers, trees etc will pose for as long as it takes for you to get the shot … people wont !

Basically you have to be very comfortable with your camera to interact with people at the same time … there’s no point in getting distracted with camera settings, the moment will have passed … I’d go as far as to say the camera needs to be a motor skill …

These kids are very photogenic, and the moped looks cool too … This is why Thailand is nicknamed “the land of smiles” 🙂



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43 thoughts on “Moped Kids

      1. Most of the time, the innocence that I sense from such pics makes me like them instantly. It’s getting rarer by each passing day. But it’s so beautiful. It’s kind of the same with the pic at the pizza dough.

      2. Thanks. 🙂 I’ll give it a thought as well. I have never thought about it. I did not intend innocence, when I commented, as an opposite to knowing. But your reply got me thinking. 😀

      3. Don, I’m referring to you as “my friend Don, who is a web developer and a fellow blogger.” Correct enough?

      4. Hey my friend, web designer is probably preferable … within that the lines between designer and developer are blurred, so they often mean the same thing … web designer is my work, for my pleasure I’m a photographer …

      5. Alright. So web designer it is. Photography would find itself in the blogging part. I’m not elaborating because of the type of episode it is.

      6. Ah, I see. And you still use yahoo mail? I think it’d be better to contact via email in such cases rather than conversing on a comment thread. Haha 😀

      7. PS did you think about installing jetpack, it would mean users can comment and like directly with their gravatars ?

        Also just had a chance to listen to podcast, well done 😉

      8. Thanks. And yes, I’ve installed Jetpack 2-3 times and uninstalled. Do you, as a designer, think that with it’s huge size, it’ll slow down the site? And I have implemented social sign-in.
        And when you have time, leave a review (good one) in iTunes. 😀

      9. It’s possible, it might … more likely what slows a site down is the quality of the hosting. Also WordPress on it’s own isn’t terribly quick because it uses database to create the pages. There is a caching plugin.

        We use jetpack on most of sites, because of things like like buttons, sharing built it and widgets. Automattic tend to have a budget to spend on stuff, and their stuff tends to work, and get fixed when it doesn’t. In contrast, independant developers don’t necessarily have the resources … plugins I often chose based on the number of downloads, and if it’s in the millions, then it’s probably a pretty good choice.

      10. Yes. True. I am using Caching plugin. I have installed Jetpack and have activated some (7 I think) modules, but not commenting. I’m using an email subscription service which lets user comment by sending email besides the usual post subscription. The “Subscribe to this discussion” option of this service is not shown when I use Jetpack comments. So I’ve switched to another Ajax based commenting plugin that supports this email subscription plugin and have put options to login and comment with FB and G+ accounts.

      11. You have to make the best choice based on who you think readers and commenters are. MY personal experience has been that G+/FB/TW people rarely comment on my blogs. So if one’s readers are coming for wordpress, then it makes sense to use the wordpress commenting system. I dunno if you can do both, not needed to do that.

        I also dumped the idea of having a self-hosted and site mirrored, as it was extra work and most of my visitors coming from … is now my commercial site, different branding, so that people know they’ve left one brand and entered another.

        If you want a totally responsive website then better to use something like bootstrap, or static html, not wordpress. The caching plugin will probably help, as will switching on the jetpack image caching. Also cheap webhosting packages share with many other sites, so can be slow due to traffic to the other sites you’re sharing resources with.

      12. I’m inclined to use the subscription system mentioned because it’s really good. I’ll do something to find out where my users are coming from. As of now, and FB are at the top.
        About two sites, I have something in mind. If it doesn’t work out or I get a better idea, I’ll merge the two or shut down the one.\
        By the way Don, when there’s a notification about something in WP, there’s a follow button under the person’s name. Even if I activate Jetpack, it won’t appear under my name/my website’s name. I guess Automattic has decided to leave a few things exclusively for the users.
        And based on your comment, I assume that users either don’t have/use their social media profiles or they don’t use them to comment.

      13. So it’ll depend on where you’re doing your promoting, some people I know use facebook, some people use …

        If you’re entirely self-hosted you lose the traffic and publicity of the reader …

        The bar doesn’t appear at the top on self-hosted sites, I think wants to distinguish what’s “their own” and what’s not. You can add a follow button, and this is what not logged in readers will see on a blog …

        Took me months to figure out all this stuff !

        As for people not commenting, that’s life dude, some of my posts get zero comments … you can read my very first post here – … only one person has actually commented and that was like a year later … and the pingbacks are because I mentioned it in a later post …

        Mainly I think you have to build a following, somehow or someway, which is the hard work of blogging …

      14. Yes. Thanks. 🙂
        If I use subscription, I lose control and if I don’t, I lose traffic.
        So I think I’ll use subscription and another newsletter plugin. BUT even then I can only send newsletter to subscribers since wp doesn’t provide email addresses of users. Suggestions?
        About building a following, I think I’ll do some episodes with some blogging friends and if so then I’ll start with you. 😀

      15. newsletter = blog post … I can’t understand why anyone would want to send a newsletter when they can contact their subscribers by doing a post ?

        Sure, let me know what’s involved …

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