Making Pizza With A Smile

I only asked her how much a pizza was …

She rushed off and brought me a menu … I’m not sure if she was joking about the 50% off … but she seemed to take a liking to me … smiling ladies do for some reason !

I’m happy when that happens, brought perhaps a smile to an otherwise mundane day rolling pizza dough 🙂 …

Charm in action … A smile and a chat can make a world of difference, on both sides …


Don Charisma

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26 thoughts on “Making Pizza With A Smile

      1. I am not really surprised to hear you say that 🙂 happy Sunday – and whatever the sell – I agree I’d much prefer a smile for whatever reason any day – that’s why i like US service with smiling people who say ” HI; I am BRAD, I will be your server today, how can I serve you?” – we all know whey they do it that way, but frankly I am willing to take it all at face value just so I can have a nice experience, shallow true, but there we have it

  1. True. It actually feels great when that happens. And by the way mate, my friend ‘Don’ is probably going to be mentioned in the next episode of my podcast. Just a mention. 🙂

      1. Let’s see how it goes. I hope it’s turns out to be something that you wouldn’t expect.

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