New Year’s Resolutions – Don Charisma’s Opinion

One of mine is to say less in my opinion posts, give a chance for others to express their opinions … which is, doh!, what was meant to be the point in the first place …

I’ve created a new graphic for my opinion posts in 2015 … hate it, love it … all the same for me 😀

The graphic is based around the old one, which I like, but felt it needed a little something more. Hopefully the blanks have been filled in …

Another of my new year’s resolutions is to concentrate a little more diligently on finances, keep the bank manager happy and my loved one’s taken care of.

And quitting smoking, well steady on – that’s a bit drastic … probably for the best though !

Hoping for a happy and creative 2015 … with many adventures, and shared experiences with good friends. Anything is possible with Charisma, someone once said 😀

What are your new year’s resolutions ? … or hopes/thoughts on the brave new era we’re entering into in 2015 ?


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64 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions – Don Charisma’s Opinion

  1. I like your graphic. Giving up smoking is a great resolution. Good luck. I gave it up a long time ago, cutting out one cigarette at a time. It took a while, but it worked when I stuck to it. I wasn’t going to make any resolutions, but, I am going to try to improve getting birthday and holiday cards and gifts out in time. I still have a Father’s Day card from last June sitting on my desk with a couple of other cards. I also have three gifts that didn’t get delivered in time for Christmas, plus a thank-you gift from Thanksgiving for a friend who watched my dogs. Hmm… Happy 2015!

  2. I make New Year’s “suggestions” rather than resolutions. I seldom remember them the next day, so a resolution would be asking the impossible, but a suggestion is something I eventually will remember. Have a wonderful year Don.

  3. New years resolutions so often lead to disappointment with ourselves by the end of January… I think we should name them ‘Janutions’ – a time to take stock – refocus and set some habits in place. Only takes a month to instil new habits… and THAT way… we know if we only HAVE to set it for ourselves for January then it is not so daunting and life-changing forever stuff (which can be scary) – if we get to the end of Jan and we have DONE it… it becomes easier to continue… but we then have a choice… and we can move along into Febulitions. I should post this!! 😉 I am just going to… 😀

      1. LOL … got some sleep Belinds ! Sleep is the meditation of the Einsteins of this world, so must be good 😀

        I’ll probably end up with Decemulitions 😀

  4. I like your resolution to try and stop smoking. I had a friend who saved all the money he spent on smoking and bought he’s daughter a pony horse !!! The satisfaction of her joy and her happiness was enough to keep him off smoking permanently …. My NY resolutions is to try a learn new things every other month … Keep positive light hearted outlook to life and to visit the Greek Islands 🙂 happy new year yo you

  5. I don’t really do resolutions but I WILL move forward on the re-launch of my blog. I WILL finish the projects I originally planned for last year AND the projects planned for this year. I’m already on my way with publication of my work in an art book, an anthology book and (of all things) a scientific journal all scheduled for publication this spring. 2015 is already looking up!!

    Best New Years wishes to you and yours!! Wishing you luck on quitting smoking…nasty habit…

    Very Best Regards,

    1. I like how Churchill put it in one of my recent quotes, re vices …

      Sounds like you’re full steam ahead Eric … writers block must have passed 😀

      HNY 2015


  6. I don’t have any new year resolutions. I don’t like to wait for a date to change myself. Bad habits stay or go as I wish 😉

    Have a great 2015!


  7. I don’t know if I have specific resolutions, because I think any time of the year is good to start a project you want to try and work on stuff you want to improve. But my goals for the year are to continue with my artwork, gallery shows etc. and my husband and I want to release our first EP of our experimental project in 2015.

      1. I think you’ve got me mixed up with Janis. 😀

        My friends all ride the subway I must make amends…

  8. Happy New Year, Mr. Charisma and to your family. It has been way too long since I have been able to visit your blog and am glad that I now have the time to do so. Don’t hold back too much on your opinion making. There are way too many people that can’t deal with a good dose of reality once in a while. This year I’m going to be making and setting goals….no resolutions. They usually only last as long as I can write them down anyway.

    1. Thanks, and happy to see you when you can, I don’t pressure anyone to visit 😀

      I think in order to progress we need to have vision and that involves opinions … so yeah, I try not to hold back too much … although discretion is the better part of valour they say …

      Good luck with the goals, I always find that I write them down, refer back in year and they’re all complete or almost complete … so I reckon they do work … I think we set them mentally if they’re not written down, just we forget that we’ve actually achieved them … so the writing down gives us a reminder …

  9. My New Year’s resolution is to talk you into quitting smoking! Been try to do that with my son forever. As an anatomist, I know what smoking does to your lungs – have seen it for my whole career. Are e cigarettes any better? Of course my son, who is military, would never be caught with one.

    1. They have a Thai version that look a little like a mini Shesha … inexpensive too so I’m told … dunno perhaps, maybe, I’m pretty stubborn same as your son !

  10. ah I don’t really do New Year’s Resolutions. I mean come on who really in the end actually sticks to them? Or even begins them? BUT! With that said. I am HOPING to PUSH myself to finish and publish book #2! 😉 does that count?

    And Smoking is a horrible habit! Glad your committing to cut that one!

    1. Like it … and yes, it’s common knowledge on the cancer stick front … so why indeed would anyone want to do it ? … perhaps an emotional reason rather than a logical one, I’d hazard a guess … speaking of which – break time !

      1. bad habits have a bad habit not to listen to logic arguments. it’s not the breaks you need to quit, it’s the smoking. maybe you should try find something else to do during the breaks. i have no idea how to quit bad habits, but frequent breaks without smoking is not a bad habit, it’s a nice habit 🙂

  11. My New Year’s resolution has been to lose weight for years…..let’s see how it goes this year. And best of luck with the quitting smoking resolution! I know a lot of people who were able to quit smoking and stay off of it (I even know someone who completely quit…cold turkey).

    1. LOL, we’ll see how that one goes … fingers crossed …

      For weight loss, what works for me is exercise … controlled diets I can never stick too, with favourite foods pizza and chips !

  12. My only resolution is to let go of the past and be fully present, in every situation. I am using Mindfulness techniques and these (fingers and toes crossed) seem to be working. Thank you so much for reblogging my top 10 movies blog piece. I had the busiest day ever, on the blog and I am very grateful to you.

    1. Keep up with the mindfulness … I did a 10 day vipissana in Hereford which was very rewarding … there’s a balance I feel between thinking and not thinking … for me that’s the sweet spot, which I flit from one to the other as the moment requires 😀 … my most favourite is daydreaming to be honest, and not sure whether than counts as being present !

      You’re very welcome my friend, I am interested in movies, love watching them so it’s congruent with who I am … glad to hear you had a busy day … and you’ve helped me a few times with ideas for the blog, so paying it forward really 😀

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