Happiness is an inside job.

«Happiness is an inside job.»

— William Arthur Ward

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35 thoughts on “Happiness is an inside job.

  1. Gotta start somewhere and it’s waaaaay too much effort to make someone happy that just doesn’t want to be. Great quote Don. Thanks for sharing!

    1. LOL … some are determined to be unhappy, and yes way to much effort, I usually just argue with them a little on the blog and then find they disappear, to where I don’t know !

  2. True that. A strong minded person always has a grip on his own emotions, thus able to have feel-good attitude (all from within) which then outflows to our immediate surrounding – happiness.

    “Happiness is part of who we are. Joy is the feeling. ”
    – Tony De Liso

  3. Agreed. Shit happens around us, how we choose to respond and react is our choice. Nothing in this world can make you happy…look within for that everlasting joy.

      1. Nope, that’s just how we perceive outside events … a man slipped on a mat coming out of my building today, he was cursing at he mat, and looking to me to make him feel better … I just ignored him to be honest … the mat didn’t cause him to slip, he did … I don’t know him so why would I comfort him on a problem he made for himself ?

      2. I think external factors can also make you happy. A baby’s smile, a child’s laughter and delight, these are all things that will bring me a sense of happiness and joy to me.

      1. External factors can make you happy too! A baby’s smile, a child’s laughter and delight, all bring great happiness and joy to me.

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