Happiness is a choice.

«Happiness is a choice.»

— Barry Neill Kaufman

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29 thoughts on “Happiness is a choice.

  1. It’s one of my favorite quotes my great grandmother handed it down to me and she spoke of her own grandmother using it which would have meant it came from somewhere in Europe

    1. That’s lovely, I think it’s a universal truth that happiness is a decision we make rather than something that happens or doesn’t happen based on our circumstances and the things that happen to us 😀

      1. I have lived through things so horrific most people would never believe are even true and I can say from experience that it’s all in where we put our focus. There is always joy to be found for one who seeks it out.

      2. Yes, and when the bad stuff invades the thoughts dump them into a story and let it go. Or at least that’s how I do it.

      3. Sounds like a way to handle it … I think it’s up to the individual to create the internal processes neccessary to live … quite often I find it useful when others describe their internal processes 😀

        You’ve won a place on my coveted “Team Charisma World People” – https://doncharisma.org/2014/12/15/guest-bloggers-wanted-team-charisma-world-people/

        I did pingback your blog so you might want to check and rescue my pingback if it’s in your spam queue 😀



      4. I have not idea what you mean by pinging back my blog? I do some tech and ping websites now and then but never had one in my spam folder? I’ll see if I can ferret it out when I come up for air. I am spending the next two weeks closing out a lengthy business transition and things are kinda dicey just now, so please forgive me for my slow response.

      5. OK, so if you’re busy probably best I offer out to someone else.

        Pingbacks aren’t anything new or fancy, they normal ordinary workings of a blog. When I link to another’s blog, they receive a comment called a pingback to let them know I’ve linked to them.

      6. Got it and you’re probably right this time round. I can find time to read but not always time to seriously write. I think it’s a cool idea

  2. I don’t think he’s old enough for that quote to actually be his. He may have made it famous but my guess would be someone else long long ago originated it. I wonder who?

    1. Being 4 words hard to say that it’s a quote from anyone … personally I’m more concerned with the sentiment than who said it !

      Anyway, I’m sure five minutes and some Googling would yield pages on the originator, I do lookup quotes sometimes for origins and interesting to find out who’s attributed 😀

      1. I always assumed it had loose ties to the bible verses telling us to think on positive things sort of a “condensed version” but then my mountain grannies were closer to being witches than they were to being saints soooo LOL who knows.

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