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Opinions – cheesecake for the mind !

One thing I’ve gained blogging opinion posts, is a much more relaxed attitude to opinions and how I interact with them, and the owners of same. This I feel is largely due to having a better understanding of what they are, why people express them and the ultimate piece of the puzzle, not taking mine or other people’s too seriously. It’s a slightly thicker skin right there. I’d  therefore encourage people to blog and comment about their opinions and listen to others. Very rewarding, enlightening and sometimes enlivening.

Don’t people just love to give their opinions on this or that ? The more emotive it seems, the stronger the force behind what’s said, generally. But, what at the end of the day, is an opinion ?

  • Opinions aren’t facts. Although some people believe their opinions are facts !
  • Opinions aren’t “the truth”. Although some people believe their opinions are “the truth” !
  • Opinions are subjective, that is individual and based on personal experience.
  • Opinions often are emotive, in that they often have strong feeling behind them.
  • Opinions can be common amongst a group of people. And conversely within a group opinions may vary.
  • Opinions can be influenced politically, so the opinion expressed might not even be what the person truly believes.
  • An opinion can also be what the opinion giver believes is the truth or it can be a lie, even without political shenanigans.
  • Opinions can be expressed by people wanting to make themselves look good, and of course sometimes the converse.
  • Opinions can be fully-baked or half-baked, in fact, the real truth (honest) baking opinions can be fun, especially cheesecake 😀

Although it’s a little crass, this is fairly apt and to the point :

Opinions are like ass-holes, everyone’s got one.

So, for examples sake – back in the days before we’d properly explored planet Earth, people used to think it was flat and square. If you reached the edge, you’d simply fall off. So if you asked someone about the the Earth, they say “it’s flat and you’d fall off the edge if you sailed beyond the edge”. Is that “the truth” or “fact” – well these days we know it’s not. In fact it’s more likely that someone somewhere decided one day that that is how it was going to be – An authority figure perhaps, a king or queen maybe, or could just be a case of “Chinese whispers”, I don’t actually know … THAT’S MY OPINION, NOT THE TRUTH, NOT FACT, JUST WHAT I DECIDED TO SAY BASED ON MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCES !

Opinions can also be influenced by others especially authority figures – experts, gurus or high up people in positions of power. Parents have a massive power over the opinions of their children.

Sometimes opinions concur with fact. These days we know the Earth is roughly spherical and there isn’t an edge you can fall off. I’m sure this can be scientifically proven. And we have video and photos from space which confirms this to be fact, true.

So why do we feel the need to express opinions, and for that matter why do we bother to listen to other’s opinions (apart from the aforementioned “looking good/bad”) ?

Now that is a really interesting question … let’s see what you guys think … let’s see some grey matter in action or at least some cheesecake baked (or consumed) 😀

Over to you …


Don Charisma

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64 thoughts on “What Is An Opinion? – Don Charisma’s Opinion

  1. My opinion is my hind quarters. This I know, this is what I believe. What I say holds no water and if anyone drinks what I say they do it at there own risk. Just remember if you step into my world and it smells chances are it’s s…t

  2. Interesting thought, however a skeptical person might say that your entire post is simply an opinion since there are no facts to back up your statements. The truth, whatever that might be on any given day, is usually somewhere in the middle of most opinions. We provide opinions for any number of reasons and we listen to them for a different set of reasons, both of which vary depending on the person and topic. There are very few, if any, blanket statements that will decide or satisfy a thought or position. You bring up an interesting topic for discussion, which is really what this is all about.

    1. With a “but” or a “however” often comes a challenge … and yes, wiser than most sceptic could indeed say my entire post is simply an opinion, in fact an uber-sceptic may conclude my entire blog is a collection of opinions without facts that they recognise as facts to back it up … could even be that they are right, also possible that every single word here is a fact and the truth … beyond that the sceptic may conclude that WordPress.com in it’s entirely is merely a collection of people’s unsubstantiated opinions, in fact that all written and spoken words that ever existed and ever will exist are such, with NO facts they recognise to back up any of it … sceptics are however renowned for not trusting, it goes with the territory of what a sceptic is, a serial doubter, a serial disbeliever … could be a clever strategy on their part, or might be the dumbest way of being, not for me to say … having faith can be the trait of a strong person, and not having faith can be the trait of a weak person … and perhaps, vice versa …

      Am I about to substantiate with sources and facts, to attempt to scientifically prove my words ? Not likely, and not in any hurry, and certainly not at the challenge of an unknown random person on the internet … what would I possibly have to gain ? and what do I really care about a single random person’s opinion anyway ?

      When someone says “the truth is”, for me it’s time for caution, it usually means that they don’t know what they’re talking about … adding a “whatever that may be” is a wise move … and could restore some credibility … however I don’t agree that the truth is “usually somewhere in the middle” … it could be somewhere in the middle, granted, but also could be somewhere to the left, right, top, bottom or any far extreme. I don’t believe “the truth” is a median or an average or a middle way or a compromise of people’s opinions … That might be “the truth” for the group, but it’s not “the truth, period”.

      “Facts” and “truth” are open to interpretation and misinterpretation, they have to survive the ambiguity of language and the skill of the person perceiving them, and the person reporting them. They may get lost in translation, or amongst the madness that can occur between a human being’s ears or in the madness of the collective unconscious. My conclusion, “my opinion” is that “the truth” and “the facts” are often, largely subjective.

      Far from these things being constrictive, I find them very freeing – it means I can choose which opinions I’m interested in and which not, and not to get hung up on those that don’t interest me, and people who express opinions which don’t interest me … freeing my time to do things that I enjoy more than digesting opinions, like eating cheesecake 😀

      And thanks, yes good to talk – even if we are probably both ignorant to some if not most of the facts and some if not all of the truth … it’s good to jam sometimes as two clueless human beings, shoot the shit so to speak …

      I feel a blog post coming on 😀

      1. I laughed out loud as I read your reply. You, my blogging friend, have a career in the world of politics should you decide to go in that direction, which I’m pretty sure you have no interest in. There is so much to respond to here but I don’t want to take up space on your site. It is fun, however, to take a discussion with teeth and disect it in various ways, offering different positions, playing devils advocate, etc. Thanks for the laugh and holiday stuffing…:)

      2. Happy for that George, something about the way you worded inspired me to write my thoughts on this … and thanks for having a good sense of humour, which is essential in not just blogging but life too … I have a little interest in politics, I think we must in any group of people, at least understand the basics – although unlikely I’ll be running for government !

        And don’t worry, happy to see your comments my friend … I think I’ll post our above dialogue as “The Truth – Don Charisma’s Opinion”, so you can add to there and will bring some visitors to your site I’m sure 😀

        Happy thanksgiving !



      3. Thank you for your help, Don. It’s very much appreciated.

        I’ve always enjoyed a good sense of humor, especially when it’s intelligent, slightly irreverent or laced with a little sarcasm. Many people claim to have a sense of humor but they never learned how to laugh at themselves. I’ve always believed you need to do that before you can around and find real humor in the craziness in front of you.

        Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

        Best Regards


  3. Problems occur with opinions when they are not based on facts. Problem with facts is when someone states an opinion that is not true, but believes it is based on facts. The moral of the story is to not state your opinion until you know the truth. Then the problem to keep in mind is, who is your source. So when you give your opinion, state your source and then listen to someone give thier opinion about your source. In time though the truth usually emerges and effects your reputation.. .

    “Wisdom requires the ability to discern truth in order to make good common sense decisions and judgments. Truth is strength that will withstand the test of time. Falsehoods are fragile and will fall to the ground and be detected and discredited.” Truthful speech lasts forever, but false speech only for a moment. (Proverb 12:19)

    Regards and good will blogging.

  4. I really don’t know, so this is just my opinion, but, I often get the feeling that some people upon hearing that everyone is entitled to their opinion somehow misconstrue that statement to mean that anything they say and then label as an opinion is automatically transmuted into a scientifically verifiable statement beyond the realm of further argument or dispute. But like I said, that’s just my opinion.

  5. I have an in law who just spouts opinions on everything, even though they haven’t been asked for one, and completely regardless of anyone else’s feelings; they just open their mouths and comment on everything…then wonder why people get fed up of their company…what’s that old saying: if you haven’t got anything nice to say…

      1. You’re in law sounds like they would make an excellent blogger actually, or at least have fun putting their ore in on comments on other people’s blogs … missed their calling in life !

  6. Interesting post and question. I think expressing opinions can be one way of being part of the world for people. It’s a sort of exchange. The opinions are formed in response to what the world presents us with…experiences, information, sensations, and we put back out to the world what we make of it.

    Sometimes it’s a way of saying “I/you/we matter”. Here in the U.S. tonight, many people (including me) are angry and sad that a police officer was acquitted of murdering a young black man…we get an implicit message, again and again that if you aren’t the one with the power, the status, the right color skin, your life doesn’t matter. So in solidarity people express their opinions against that idea, assert “No. These people you discount do matter.” It won’t be pretty, stuff’s burning, but there’s stuff that needs to burn. Still I am sad.

    1. Thanks for sharing Jenny, and I agree … I hadn’t heard of the case that you reference, but I have seen many many situations where power and money mean that “little” people don’t matter. I too am with you on that one, it’s rotten and corrupt … but that’s life I think, has been throughout the ages …

  7. Great!! If people will opt to show their concern towards you.. it is great. However.. I simply understand why some of them are useless. (no offense to them) but still… it is appreciated.

  8. It’s interesting that once s person gets the “bit between their teeth” with a heartfelt or passionate response or expose, they do tend to lose perspective. I’m a rad guilty of that occasionally. Perhaps I should opt for the cheesecake instead. 😃
    Blessings Susan 💖

  9. I express my opinions because it lets people know me better. I ask for other people’s opinions because a) I want to get to know them or b) I want input before making a decision.
    In my experience, cheesecake tastes much better than any opinion. Opinions, however, have fewer calories.

    1. LOL, so you’re the one who actually read what I wrote 😀

      And thanks yes we do talk about our opinions and listen to others, in order to know them better … and the input can be useful especially on things we’ve never done before …

      Still gotta favour the cheesecake … but like you say for keeping figure in trim opinions are possibly easier on the waistline 😀

  10. “Opinions are like assholes: everyone’s got one and they all stink.”

    I used get that quote all the time as a kid. Rather hated it then, but I actually quite like it now.

    Great post. I loved all your points and your thoughts.

  11. I actually did a post on opinions myself a couple of months back. I am open to the opinions of others however there are many in the blogging world who aren’t open at all and as far as they are concerned, their opinion is the only one that counts in this world. And they will take their opinion and shove it down the throats of others. *sigh*
    Actually that post attracted a rather nasty piece of work to my comments section. I chose to reply to them but later deleted the whole thing because my son jumped into my defense and was rather blunt with the things that he said. lol
    Welcome to blogging.

    1. Suz, I’ve always sought to attract readers who have charisma, like yourself … the same opinions can be expressed without friction, for me this is just normal social behaviour …

      I don’t see any other blogs with lengthy disclaimers or warnings, and this has on the whole I feel has helped to screen out the nasty pieces of work … if it doesn’t, then they find I have a blunt, rude and abrasive side, or worst case I make an example …

      I’ve never deleted a post, even my “dumbest” ones are still here, and I know you’ve seen them and probably had a good laugh … simply I think as the legally responsible blog owner my right to free speech here on this blog surpasses anyone else’s, especially as many comment anonymously and therefore without even the slightest bit of responsibility.

      I think as I said a lot of people believe their opinions to be facts or “the truth”, which is often not the case. Posting opinion posts, reading the comments from people and commenting back has broadened my horizons …

      Also, I think dealing with a lot of opinions that are contrary to one’s own can make one stronger in life 😀 … OM for instance must have a really thick skin by now !

      1. I felt it best to delete the posts in this case. I would have kept the original troll post and my response but not my son’s. I love him very much but he wasn’t in a good frame of mind when he responded to the troll. lol

      2. Wasn’t doubting your judgement Suz, I’m sure you did the right thing … slowly I’m getting the hang of running rings around the trolls, useful not just here but “in real life” too 😀 … how’s your lifecoaching going ?

      3. So much has happened to my little family in the last few months and my study was put on the back burner however I picked it up again a couple of weeks ago and although I am very behind, I am working on it.

      4. Take your time hun, it’ll happen I know you’re not a quitter … I’m learning Thai at the moment, and keep indicating to the teacher to take the pressure off, I want to learn at my own speed and pace …

      5. Unfortunately there is a time limit on the course and I am pushing to catch up but I will get there.
        Thanks for the encouragement.
        I hope you’re having fun learning Thai. I never progressed in learning any foreign languages past high school French and German.

      6. You’ll get there Suz, that I have faith in, I think you’ve got the right temperament for work in that area, so a shame if you don’t finish 😀

        I thought I learnt differently from others, slower and more clunky, but, I’m not that special really … learning takes time, that’s all there is to it, enthusiasm can go a long way, as can encouragement … and a smidge of challenge now and again can help too …

        I’m starting to understand words in sentences, and my basics are much more complete than when I started … still I can’t remember 4, 6 and 7 for instance, but it’ll come, eventually 😀

  12. I love the way the stream leads to the rays. Narrow focus to branching out. This is appreciation, not advice. Honest….

  13. You don’t have to ask for an opinion to receive one, it’s just a fact of life when blogging. All I can do is delete them if they’re nasty, or post an opinion of my own to the person I don’t agree with, like Doobster in Mindful Digressions does. BUt that’s just for attention and most bloggers LOVE attention.
    Once I posted about a book I read in my Book Reader blog called POPE JOAN and I got a rather nasty comment by a Catholic of courseI I was a new blogger and rather outraged. They called me a horrible name! An F-ing Moron or something? Boy was I pissed off! I posted a rather shocking post in retaliation, but deleted it, feeling like a fool.

    1. 😀 … agreed, but I do things my own way, so I ask if I want, and make it clear when I don’t … my disclaimer has filtered out most of the verbal diarrhoea, so it’s less work in deleting, which people can get offended by …

      People with strong religious/political views tend to be the easiest to wind up, so not surprised they called you names … by contrast at least three of my longest followers are Catholics, and these guys are all cool, never seen a harsh word from them 😀

  14. As with the majority of us I do agree! My favorite part was “opinions are like assholes”! Now since you asked my opinion is that we all blog from our own personal experiences. I don’t think we are seeking the opinions of other but we want others to know of our experiences and thoughts or ideas

    1. 😀 there’s always some that agree and some that don’t … and yes many do blog from personal experiences, want to share those experiences, thoughts and ideas … I do have an interest in others opinions, in the case of posting opinion posts it has broadened my horizons in some ways, found it useful to get a collection of ideas … occasionally it changes my perspective 😀

  15. Good opinions are interpretations of facts; they are based in reality but are still educated constructs to help understand a person, idea, or event. There should always be a certain amount of humility given with an opinion, and we should not take opinion to be substantive in of itself. Ignorance is normally based on an opinion that has no basis in reality, it is an inherited worldview on a person, idea, or subject. For instance there is a difference between someone who has chosen independently to believe in and upon Jesus Christ, and someone who inherited such a belief blindly from a pastor, parent, or peer. The people who choose to believe (not blindly) in the death and resurrection of Jesus have an informed, solid opinion (whether true or not), whereas someone who inherits faith is dependent on the understanding and character of the person passing on the belief. The same could be said of any belief or non-belief system, I am just using my own as an example.

  16. Interesting read here, Don. Really makes me question a lot of the posts / rants / various things that I produce within my blog and how “serious” I was about them.

    Thank you for sharing this one.

    -N.N. Team

      1. You are right, so right, sir. BUT – when you ride out your ideas and theories like they can cure world hunger, disease, and everything : MUST HAPPEN WHEN YOU WANT THEM TO – the person will be sadly misinformed. #thisdude

        NEVERTHELESS – Like you said, when you are passionate, 1000% enthusiastic for your cause, carrying the flag of charisma, perhaps things can begin when you aid after them.

        This post rocks, for me, personally.

        Stay awesome and continue, PLEASE, doing your thing.

        -N.N. Team

      2. Nevermind, shit happens … and yes we’ve all been so passionate and focused that we didn’t see that all the worlds ills wouldn’t be cured by what we’re doing … I think what counts is to be doing something, and if that something’s helping then alls the better 😀

        Sadly misinformed – #thisdudetoosometimes !

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