True Move Wifi Access Point

Fairly sure I’m not going to win any awards for this one … but …

It’s a pretty cool photo of the Thai power cables … my actual reason for taking it was the Wifi access point in the middle of the photo … TrueMove H, or True Wifi, or True Internet … they have so many names, it’s confusing I know !

“True” are I’ve found the cheapest and most reliable for Wifi, so there’s a tip if you’re travelling in Thailand.

Random I know … So enjoy or not, this piece of the Thai urban skyscape 😀 fantastic photos are available to buy at For our blog readers we’re currently offering a 15% promotional discount – use code dc1406 at checkout.

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

58 thoughts on “True Move Wifi Access Point

  1. I absolutely adore the photo! Weird, right? But for some reason I like to take pictures of “cable salad on a stick” (aka messy cables hanging from a pole). Maybe because you hardly ever see it in Switzerland. Over there, all the cables are put in the ground. Makes it look neat but also causes the streets to be torn open all the time. Ah well, the construction workers need something to do, too, I guess.

    1. Thanks, and yes it’s an interesting sight, especially for those who haven’t been here in Thailand, shocked me a bit when I first came ! … I’m from UK and we put a lot of the cables underground too … been in Switzerland, have friends there and you guys are very tidy and clean … and of course the cliche of “on time” 😀

      1. That’s right, though punctuality runs in the family I wasn’t blessed with it… Is that way I emigrated?! 😀
        I remember the one time I was in Thailand I was awing at those hanging cables but no one ever got me to walk underneath any of them… Too scary :-/

      2. LOL … I do it all the time now, but I still keep an eye out in case there’s a hanging one … I have friends also in Switzerland who are expats, are you ?

      3. Haha, yes, keep an eye on them cables!
        I actually am an expat FROM Switzerland who after 39 years in her homeland packed up her two cats to follow the love of her life (who used to live in Switzerland for 4 years) to Texas. Quite a ride so far. Moved here last year in September and am still settling in. I love it and the people are so more outgoing than the Swiss.
        How long have you been in Thailand? Quite a while now as I understand.

      4. LOL, yes there’s more outgoing people than the British too … that’s quite a distance, must be true love ! … I’ve been out here for a while the climate suits me and people are like you say more outgoing 😀

      5. Sorry, just went out for a run – it’s hooot out there!!
        But then again I believe that’s what’s makes people in the countries further south more outgoing and happy: higher exposure to sunlight 😉 so let’s soak it up! Have a wonderful day, Don. And keep up the excellent work!

  2. Well you’re right about one thing – you won’t win any awards for the photo (from me) 😛 😛 Yeh, I saw all that banter about upsetting me. Not upset – did laugh a hell of a lot though!! 😀

    1. Suz, thanks for the non-award, and that was a given already, just waiting for you to photoshop out the cables now … and the banter, no harm intended, you know that by now … glad to be laughing with you 😀

      1. Too much hard work removing those cables in photoshop and I don’t feel like doing that rofl
        I know there was no harm in the banter. I just laughed when I read it.

      1. Oh yeah…derp. O_o
        BUT – doesn’t it work out if you plug in too?
        Actually on a different note cos if this gets any more technical I am stuffed….
        THAT is actually an interesting picture right there. with all those wires tangled and intertwined buzzing with currents back and forth…reminds me of something. 😛

        GEEES… if MY wifi cuts out ONE more time today I will cry!! Supposed to have UPGRADED…hahahaha.

      2. Sometimes, but not when one’s out on the street … don’t strain your technical muscles hun 😀

        And yeah, cables, why not something different … plus it’ll annoy the hell out of Suz … bwahahaha !

        Upgraded, news to me hun, you’ve gone for the family wifi pack then ?

      3. Ah gees I dunno hey… They called and said we can upgrade your speed for the same amount PCM and so obviously we said – YEAH.
        Technician came (he HAS to install) and since then – on and off and on and off…AND the landline is – well – NO LINE. GIFTED. Busy fighting with them as they want to charge us to come out and sort it out.??!!
        But we digress..or do we.. Wifi talk yeah 😉
        Why are we annoying Suzie Q?Does she not enjoy a good wiring?

      4. It upsets that Chi I think for young Suzie, and I like to keep her on her toes … well just returning the favour really !

        As for ISP problems, sympathise, but it seems you can’t trust anyone these days !

        Warn ’em they’ll be on the DonCharisma blog if they don’t get their act together, that should sort it 😀

      5. HA HA. Yes I am sure that will. Fine print dude.. always read ALL the fine print…sc8w you every which way you turn. BUT… REFUSE to let it bother me…would not have mentioned it really if it were not for your wifi cable photography 😉

      6. My thing cutting off the whole time too still. Get halfway through typing something and lose connection. HOW to keep Belinda concise – keep cutting her wifi 😉

      7. Oh yes! We do. I refuse to let it frustrate me – ejhfrewiurhyiu cuheriuecn eh riuewhr nvchiwjhreoi vhrioqjr vjnkse rhoiheriq RIVJERWERJHIOW rjic mIRU42983578

        No really. It is a good thing right now.
        laters dude.

      1. You could be right hun, I’ve parted the seas, walked on them, but yet turn water into wine or lead into gold … still trying though, when I do I’ll be a billionaire 😀

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