Beyoncé World

It’s be fairly impossible to make this up, but yes here in Thailand I spotted “Beyoncé World” …

News to me, and it seems Google that she’d started a beauty salon, but anything is possible with Charisma, I guess …

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Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

32 thoughts on “Beyoncé World

  1. Just thinking. NOT sure if before Beyonce became famous, there were already other people named the same or if it means something in some language, but if not, in cases like this, there can be cause for a lawsuit. I’ve read or heard about this many years ago.

    Unless they got her permission, it is against the law to use a famous person’s name for whatever purpose for that’s also copyright infringement. So unless her camp knows about this and doesn’t really care about it, and unless they have a site that shows up in the first search engine results pages, the owners of this business are safe. Also, there are groups and sites already named “Beyonce World” so there might be problems with those, too…I don’t really know Thai laws and not sure if this goes beyond national laws given the person involved. Maybe it would be wise to change business name this early in case some parties can’t be that forgiving for even a little business like this one.

    1. Agreed … these are decisions that are beyond the reach of the mighty Don Charisma, so I leave them to fate … apart from to say that “Beyonce” is a name, so hard to patent, copyright or trademark I think … if she changed her name to “Bouncee” then she’d have a better shot … but I reckon she likes the French name, which she thinks makes her sound cool … or is it her real name ?


      1. Not sure but whoever thought of that, it’s his/her idea. A real name that is so unique like that (if it IS unique), well whoever owns it or thought of it holds Intellectual Property Rights. The person using it is already proof enough and I guess even the birth certificate and other documents should prove that it’s the person’s name ans s/he owns it. I remember this when I learned of it because it was so interesting.

      1. It was a shout for joy at leaving you speechless. It doesn’t happen very often so I have to celebrate the small things rofl 😀

      2. I’ve spent the past week sorting and cleaning out my craft/computer room. Once I get the rest of the house sorted, the new ‘job’ will begin to take shape.

      3. And since writing this, I have had someone else attack one of my comments on another blog. It must be to do with the moon cycles or something lol

  2. Now that’s kind of funny! I remember being on a hike once and coming around the bend, encountering a huge political billboard in the middle of nowhere. Somebody took the time to build this thing, paint it, install it, so it could be seen by…two or three people a year.

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