Balcony Morning Cloud Cover

I like photographing the sky, it often gives up some awesome photos …

This one taken from my balcony, morning time …

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Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

47 thoughts on “Balcony Morning Cloud Cover

      1. check out plus I follow TICAS – the Irish cloud appreciation society on fb – also a lot of cloud photos on in the pics/galleries section.

      2. LOL, I was joking, sometimes it doesn’t come across on the web … and yes I’ve been posting sunsets for nearly a year now, and many many people love looking at them, the main thing that makes a sunset is the clouds 😀

        Will check out the sites you mentioned 🙂

      3. I figured you were joking – but glad that I can get you in contact with a few other sources of the addiction. Clouds do make the sky! I utterly agree. And sunsets have a special place in everyone’s heart.

      4. It’s amazing how they make so much difference to the light and the colours of the sunset … and glad you figured I was kidding, I try not to take myself too seriously most of the time 😀

  1. Without sounding too much like a weirdo-geek, I’m rather fond of clouds and this is a lovely photo. It is altocumulus stratiformis undulatus, according to The Cloudspotter’s Guide. 🙂

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