THE REPLY – “Good morning. R u a person?”

A reader left me this comment today – “Good morning. R u a person?”

I did a post about it … and interesting feedback …

Considered answer is simply – “Y”


thecobweboriumemporium gave the most pertinent reply, and says exactly how I feel about it, thank you, very well said indeed :

Q: R U a person? … As opposed to? I would have liked some options from the poser [of the question], but I’ll have to work with what information we have….

R u a person? A: Does it matter?

Personally I enjoy the Don posts so keep reading. If there’s a post which doesn’t hold something for me I skip it. I’m sure that if Don C. visited my blog he’d do exactly the same thing.

Maybe you’re looking at my avatar and wondering if perhaps I’m a person – or maybe I’m just a talking cobweb? I’m a person, female and I chose to have that avatar for various reasons.
1. I made it and I like it, so want to show it off!
2. I don’t ‘put myself’ on the internet because I’ve had experience of how disgracefully some folks can behave.
3. Would you honestly walk up to (even) ten complete strangers in your town centre and give them a double sided A4 sheet of personal details about yourself? Your age? Date of birth? Your name? Mobile/cell phone number? Email address? A rough location of where you live? Where you work? Where your partner works? Where your parents live? Where you were born? The ages and sexes of your children? Where they go to school? I could go on with this list, but I think you’re getting the idea.

I’m astounded, daily, about the type of information people put on all the social (anti-social) networks. They might not put their DOB up there, but they say: ‘It’s my birthday today!’ then tell us all how old they are. DOH! DOB right there! In this age of identity theft and crazy folk who decide they’ve fallen in love with you so want to seek you out to declare their love by stalking you …. !!!! Why would you put information out there for just anyone to read and do whatever they want with that personal information?!

But .. back to the start: R u a person? and perhaps ask a question in reply (and in the same ‘text speak’ style): A: Y?

by thecobweboriumemporium

So case closed on this one 😀


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38 thoughts on “THE REPLY – “Good morning. R u a person?”

  1. I am actually a self generating hologram, not quite a figment of your imagination, but close.

    As to people who post TMI on the anti social networks, I take a two way approach to preventing identity theft. I post random and contradictory facts sporadically to confuse them, and I’ve made sure I have an identity so bad, anybody who stole it would have to pay me to take it back 🙂

  2. Awesome. I agree. I have really withdrawn from some social media venues because of the almost combative & controversial nature that some (not all) people almost seem to welcome into their world. On the flip, I alao learned that people think they “know” me and are “best friends” & “love me” because of what I posted on social media and I take responsibility for putting too much personal information online. I want to creatively express myself but I have definitely learned that I must place better boundaries and I have to be careful and keep more things private. Its truly a balance in creatively expressing onself with protecting ones privacy as well. Great blog post.

  3. I understand! I was raised in a public forum as the child of the local, traveling, evangelist preacher so I was judged by everyone… anonymity is a wonderful place to hide! So I ask myself the question, Why didn’t I think of that? 🙂

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