Fruit Guy

My friend Suz introduced me to the term “photobomber” … this guy wasn’t exactly a photobomber, subtly let me know he wanted his photo taken … he’s preparing some kind of fruit …

I did catch him smiling in one of the photos but background “extras” didn’t work … sunblock badly applied and dribbling down the arms doesn’t make the best of photos !

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

16 thoughts on “Fruit Guy

  1. My husband is the ultimate photo bomber in other tourist photos. He makes a stupid face or looks like he is picking his nose. I can only imagine what people must think! Crazy Canadians!!!
    Thanks for the visit and follow over at CTB 😀 Loving your pics here too.

  2. I’m sure if you google photobomber you will find many examples. My Tween photobombs all the time. I can be lining up a lovely landscape photo and she will jump into the frame.
    I see your photobomber is selling custard apples. Or they could be something similar that I have tried before but can’t remember the name.

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