Party, Party, Party – Sky Lanterns And Fireworks

I took this last year at Thailand’s Loy Catong festival … Beer, partying, sky lanterns and fireworks … what a mix, beach full of revellers …

No boring people here !

Enjoy 😀


Photos (c) Don Charisma 2013, taken in Thailand

23 thoughts on “Party, Party, Party – Sky Lanterns And Fireworks

      1. And the exchange of Euros to whatever they have there my bet it will make me a rich man compared to the natives there. I´m working on it, it´s on my mind to end up in one of these types of countries.

        Plus I saw a documentary the other day about the red light district in the national geographic channel, doesn´t seem to me that boring.

      2. It’s a good rate at the moment the currency is weak because of the political problems … as for the RLD, you’ll have to do you’re own research on that … I know nothing !

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