Beach Scene

Snapped this one last year … “look behind you !” … normally I’m shooting over the water at a sunset, so a different angle.

Enjoy 😀

Photos (c) Don Charisma, taken Thailand 2013

27 thoughts on “Beach Scene

  1. Mr. Don, I’m sure you have already posted on how to use the iphone5S and how you merged and worked your magic. I love the quality pics I get on the ios. I know you have already posted on this but I really would like to get a link to one of your posts you may have already written. Just when You get thet the time.

    1. You’re very welcome … what I’d suggest is have a scan of my photography pages off of the menu, my technical/how-to articles are nestled in there amongst the beautiful photos 😀

  2. What I love about this shot is the reflections in the puddles – I love reflections in things. It is pleasing. And very pretty and effective to be fair.
    I often look for that sort of thing when about the place. When we were at the quarry I HAD to steal the girls camera to get an AMAZING shot. I am waiting for her to get it on flickr so I can share! – Well not my one – her one of the same scene. I don’t dig to pinch her hobby right :/

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