Break From The Norm – Party Yay !

I’m a good hearted fella most of the time, sometimes it’s time to depart to the disco for some different colours …

If I said I still drunk, a lot, then probably you wouldn[#t believe me, but I am !

My tripod for these photos was the top of a beer bottle, still with my iPhone 4s because Nikon hasn’t called me yet … care, do I ?, no, I keep shooting on my iPhone, Apple have done a pretty good job ..

Fuxk yeah ! Enjoy 😀

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

52 thoughts on “Break From The Norm – Party Yay !

    1. Thanks hun, something to break the routine, which I found out a few days ago is “a story” … never could quite put a finger on why a lot of movies get one locked in after about 45 minutes … and this is it – break from routine …

      1. I looked at Sony-Erikson phone prior to buying my iphone, it was next on my list … reason I had a friend who got some excellent photos … I decided the ipod and other functionality on the iphone was preferable … so hence the choice of iphone … when I’m ready for a purchase I’ll take a look at Sony’s Experia too 😀

      1. Oh we all do, for sure! I’m sure she will….just apologize and tell her how pretty she is 😉 If that doesn’t work…pull your pants down while you’re talking…works every time for me except I lift the shirt LOL

      2. PMSL … Well I already told her “I love you”, pretty might be a step too far … as for the pants, now that made me laugh a lot, can’t really comment, due to the 30000 eyes on my blog … but do know I found it very funny, laughing with you 😀

      3. Damn I knew I forgot someone for the award I just sent out … being funny is good, keeps us happy !

        Check the most influential blogger post, I’ll add your blog name 😀

      4. Well it depends on what equipment you’re using at your end hun … the quickest way to get a photo blog to blog is a reblog, wordpress now copies the first image …

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