Beach Sunset Panorama … Goodnight From Don Charisma

It’s my TTFN sunset, it’s traditional on … God and Photoshop conspired to produce a beautiful sunset, so it’s goodnight from me and goodnight from him … if you’re British you might get that ,,, pissed, yes I still am, you havve no idea how long it took my to type this !

Enjoy 🙂

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

37 thoughts on “Beach Sunset Panorama … Goodnight From Don Charisma

      1. I’ve been like that for years Suz … hopefully it’s not going to get worse, but at least I don’t drink that much these days … having a decent meal prior to going out helps I’ve found 😀

      1. NURSE AUDREY, the patient needs our full attention, stop playing with my stethoscope and find your glasses, you must be blind without them. Get me some bandages and 10cc’s of morphine, he’s in a lot of pain, I shouldn’t think your wittering on about clown glasses is helping …

      2. Doctor, he’s past his prime there may be nothing we can do for him. Here’s the morphine you requested. The old goat hasn’t opened his eyes in an hour. He just keeps lying there moaning about loud music and bright lights. Wishing someone would have denied him the tequlia. However, your stethoscope is so mesmerizing…I can’t stop looking at it. It truly does hear the beat of life.

      3. Nurse audrey keep your mind on your work, can’t have it drifting onto trivial things like my shiny stethoscope when we have a drunk man with ibola … you know it’s lethal if your bio-suit gets damaged … so please pay attention, carefully, this is life and death … fetch me a syringe I’ll need it to administer the morphine … where’s nurse sarah got to ?

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