Sunset Challenge Results

The deadline has passed for our Bank Holiday Weekend Sunset Challenge, so it’s too late for any more entrants in this first sunset challenge.

We have had a lovely selection of photos sent in, and here’s the run down…

First up – CHASE N CHANCE RANCH PIONEER LIVING THE NEW WORLD WAY. This one was taken by their daughter from their moving car, which is always tricky to pull off. Good effort, and about the only sun you’ve seen over Canada in months I gather.

They also have a lot of yummy looking pictures of desserts for those of you on a diet, so do check out their blog

Next, we have a lovely sunset from ELCAMINOALACIMA based in Northern Spain. An amazing sunset – it almost looks like lava flowing out of the heavens.

If you like some social commentary, then do visit their site. You’ll need to translate it from Spanish though. Well done.

Looks like a brand new blogger has entered our challenge, so welcome to the community. Here’s a sunset from Iowa country, with the sun hiding behind the trees. Very nice, and well done.

There’s not too much on their blog, but do take a look at their small selection of photos.

This next entry is from KG – Books Music Photography & Movies, another visitor from Spain, but this time from the seaside – Tossa De Mer. Beach is empty, perfect for a sunset. Wish I was there under the palm tree…

Thanks for sending in KG. Their blog has some lovely photos, well worth a visit.

Our next entrant actually submitted two photos (oops!), but we’ll let her off. It’s from the Fighting Fat Blog – Saving My Life: Breaking The Yo-Yo. This one is taken in Kefalonia, Greece, with the sky looking rather angry. Lovely shot.

Thanks for entering, and do visit her blog and encourage her to lose “Tracey”, the extra 10 stone she’s carrying around. Well done, and good luck with the weight loss –


The entry from COMPASS PHOTOGRAPHY – An Australian View only just arrived before the deadline, but wasn’t it worth the wait. A stunning shot from New South Wales, Australia.

Compass Photography is another pretty new blog, but has some pretty amazing photos on their site. Well worth a visit. I especially like the poor little koala looking a little lost.

Finally, a slightly different entry from Sketch Pad Studios – a sunrise collage. I know rule #1 was to take a sunset, but a sunrise is just like a sunset taken from a different viewpoint, right? Anyway, this was a beautiful set of sunrise photos.

Do check out her blog, which is a mix of her own photos and drawings.

Thank you to all those who entered. It just shows the variety of sunsets we get around the world – some truly amazing shots. I hope to see more entrants next time.

Do spend some time to visit our contestants blogs –

Don and I did of course take part in the challenge too. Unfortunately the sky has been rather overcast in London these last few days, which meant I needed a bit of inspiration and creativity. This was the best I could come up with – I’ll call it Flowers at Sunset – really I’m just trying to hide the pitiful sunset behind the flowers…


Here’s Don’s entry to the challenge which he posted a couple of days ago – his Brian May-Orama Sunset

26 thoughts on “Sunset Challenge Results

  1. Reblogged this on Sketchpad Studios and commented:
    Please check out the sunset challenge blog; I was mentioned in. Proud to be a part of this. There are many beautiful photos shown here. If you enjoy the rising and setting of the sun, go see some nice perspectives.

      1. Well thank you for the compliment! I only catch those sunrises because I get up so early for work. Of course some mornings I have been late because I get caught up in the beauty that is the morning rise… 🙂

  2. Wow what a creative and fun competition. If I do say so myself, Don, your sunset wasn’t so pitiful according to my taste, but the shot was tastefully and artistically done. Quite enjoyable.
    The palm tree sunset in Spain by Books M&M was beautiful and Fighting Fat’s photo floored me! All great work, this artistic eye soaked up the beauty!!!

      1. I was talking about the beautifully done one with the flowers. You did that one right? I was quite nourished by your photo. It held a delicate, hint of Asian/oriental energy for me. There is also something deeply calming and emotional for me in that… “A woman’s heart is a great ocean of secrets…”, this photo captivated this message. Pure art… But it IS all in the eye of the beholder. 😉

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