Why Is Megan Fox In My Garden?

Ok, sorry to disappoint those looking for Megan Fox in my garden, this one is just a regular old fox.

I have invited her in the past, several times, but she never spends long enough in the UK to visit.


This was a visitor to my garden who usually comes around during the night time, as foxes are more active then.So it was quite a surprise to see it during the day, sitting at the end of my garden. It didn’t seem all that fussed to see me taking pictures of it, I don’t think they see us humans as a threat in the cities.

As you can see, I didn’t dare get too close, taking the picture with maximum zoom from the other end of my garden. As she’s a regular, I have decided to call her Megan (if it’s a female), I didn’t get close enough to check that either. 🙂


Taken in London, UK © dannyboybroderick

31 thoughts on “Why Is Megan Fox In My Garden?

  1. I hope that one day, she will be comfortable enough to visit you more often–so you can post more pictures of her. There is a different sense of accomplishment when you earn the trust of a wild animal.

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