Ocean Sunset Panorama – “Gordon Ramsay-Orama”

This one’s six portrait shots riveted together by a special process invented in Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen …

That’s why I’m calling it a “Gordon Ramsay-Orama” … if you look closely you can see Gordon taking a swim 🙂

Enjoy 🙂



Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

31 thoughts on “Ocean Sunset Panorama – “Gordon Ramsay-Orama”

  1. Have I lost my mind completely? Because I am not far from it anyway but is the shark supposed to be Gordon? Otherwise I am absolutely clueless which will not brighten my day at all.. and believe me it does need some brightening.

      1. PayOLa to you, that’s what the call it. Eat with a special wine, ah. I know you know it. My brain sank, how deep the sea and how sets the moon.
        By the way I like your creativity post and jumprd. i like painting shows that have themes , same type of … and then behold a poem but it couldn’t post it because of this jerk in my computer. Mr. Permission? and I’m over 50. I posted it myself ine museormisery.w
        Thanks and over and out.

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