“Reblog – Spam Or Caring Sharing” – Don Charisma’s Opinion

Reblogging is an easy way to share other’s content, it’s much better than sharing a link, because there’s a summary of the post’s writing and photo included. However there are some that don’t like them.

I can see both sides of the argument, so sometimes use them sometimes don’t.


Easy and integrated into WordPress.

Sharing obviously helps a) the blogger who wrote the article reach a wider audience and b) the sharer gets some content on their blog – so it’s a reciprocally helpful thing

Helps with the community spirit sharing each others work.

Easy for novice bloggers.


I have to switch of likes and comments at my end when I reblog, otherwise I get people commenting on the other’s bloggers post and leaving likes. Even though I’ve switched them off, I think the reader ignores the settings and still sends me likes. I would prefer the original author received both, as I’m trying to help them.

I have to go in and manually edit each reblog to include tags/categories I want it under, add featured image and I always put ruler lines at the end of every post to separate from the wordads. This is extra time and effort for me.

If I reblog a post and the other blogger deletes it (or their blog), I’m left with a post that points to nothing to clean up. And the original content is gone.

I think another reason people don’t like to reblog is it “messes up” their blog layout, they’ve spent months prettifying (not me, I’m not that special about it)


Sometimes I will put the content in a post on my blog, that way I can share the entire work and give credit back to the original author. Also sometimes I group say responses to a prompt into one post, this might save on the “you clogged up my feed” complaints, by reducing the number of posts I get through in a day.

I’m err’ing to the pro-side, as I enjoy the community collaboration, and always very pleased when people reblog for me, so assuming others are pleased when I reblog for them.

Not the entire guide to reblogging – over to you guys what you think ?

Warm regards

Don Charisma

PS (Keanu Reeves is my celeb name for this post … for fun you may think up a tenuous connection if you like, please keep it clean and respectful, otherwise I may not be able to post)

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Warm regards, Don Charisma


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78 thoughts on ““Reblog – Spam Or Caring Sharing” – Don Charisma’s Opinion

  1. Great article, and even better for me – the new blogger – are the comments. I have linked back and quoted, and reblogged and so far my reader has not taken me to task for either approach. But that said, I found myself schooled on twitter so I am acutely sensitive to that missile outa nowhere for some unintended breach of netiquette.

    1. Happens from time to time … could be the other person is a moron, or they may have a point … up to you to decide, often I find they are morons …

  2. I think there are two sides to a reblog. I can understand when a reblog happens on the blog of a person who is a) a regular on your own blog and b) what you have written gels with their own blog and writing. I don’t understand those who reblog for no other reason than to have you follow their own blog. I just don’t get that.

      1. You just made me jump. Belinda and I are chatting on my last thread and your name came up. 😳 I thought you were jumping in rofl

  3. I’ve been debating this internally for awhile. I’ve come across some great reads but never understood how the “Reblog” feature worked. I always feared that someone would think I were copying them. I may just give it a try though.

    1. I’ve never had a problem reblogging, I think bloggers expect that they will get reblogged … if you wanted to be ultracareful (which I don’t have time for) you could leave a comment and ask 🙂

  4. I have no problem with a proper reblog. I am not so fond of those ones that just post a link to your post (WITHOUT ANY additional info ) it is a bit odd.
    Spike in people coming over for a visit is of course very welcome too – and apparently being reblogged by Mr Don Charisma is fairly conducive to suddenly being swamped by lots of new faces! Which is EPIC!
    Pros – I find on that side I DO get a little nervous to reblog – unless I already know the blogger is happy for me to do so.
    I also like to do the ‘Link in the post into an article or response thing’ – but that is not as effective as a reblog and really can not be considered to have the same impact :/

    1. Good to hear of traffic diversion, hope you’re now followers +

      And yes very much pros and cons … don’t like the link thing, I’ve seen new bloggers do it, and done it myself when I first started … I usually thank people anyway, they made the effort which is what counts …

      1. Absolutely – we learn all the etiquettes/best practices as well as we go along 😉
        And yes thanks – some lovely people popped around –

      2. Probably the ONLY day of summer?
        *.* –

        Found a caterpillar in the grass just now. Love em.

        Off in a minute to do evening routine yeah – laters Don.

  5. I like to reblog about once or twice a week and I usually give a small introduction/synopsis when doing it. It’s a lovely boost when someone does the same with any of my posts. I love the interchange of encouragement that creates in the blogging community.

  6. When I read a shared post as I like, I like this authors post directly, but also you who did share this post, as I think was very kind to reblog it.
    So there can be a reason for that Don.

  7. I only reblog posts that I’ve enjoyed so much I want to share them 🙂 or if it’s something reciprocal that I and someone have agreed and worked on together. I think it’s a real compliment if someone reblogs a post of mine x

  8. I think its great, if the blog that gets reblog gets the like and credits too. I’ve had some privilege of having my posts re-blogged, but I never got the “likes” or comments linked back to me. 😦

    1. My friend the opinionated man always writes on his reblogs of the likes and comments having been disabled, maybe where I got the idea from … all we can do is spread awareness of what we think is the right way … and yes I’ve had the same, so we’re in the same boat !

  9. I like to reblog something I may not know as much about and someone I follow knows more. I find it interesting and hope those who follow my blog do as well. The con I don’t like is comments. I wish they went straight to the person. maybe they do. I’m not sure, not as well versed in this aspect of it. If someone reblogs something of mine, I am complimented and happy they wanted to share with their followers who may or may not follow my blog. I take it as an ultimate compliment – I liked this so much, I wanted to tell others about it – kind of thing.

    1. You can turn off comments in your “all posts” screen in dashboard use “quick edit” and uncheck “allow comment” … for likes I switch them off in the “edit” screen for the reblog uncheck “allow likes” …

    1. It’s annoying yes, but I guess you may not want the same tags as the original blog … would be easier if it copied them and then I could edit them myself 🙂

  10. Hmm. Reblog versus link back. I rarely reblog but I often include links back to another’s post if something in that other post is relevant to my post. But recently another wildly popular blogger took exception to my linking back rather than reblogging. He claimed that linking back to his blog was my trying to steal views “because I obviously can’t just write my own stuff.” He claimed that linking back to his post “without his permission” was being a sneak thief.

    But does proper blogging protocol require getting another blogger’s permission to link back to his or her post? And if I write my own stuff and link back to another’s post, how is that not writing my own stuff? How is that being a sneak thief?

    Anyway, maybe at some point, if I find a post truly worthy, I will reblog it. Otherwise, I’ll stick with the link backs.

    1. I hear you … and I am very surprised that another blogger would complain about linking back to them, they’d go on my private blacklist if they did that to me … might even find themselves on my public blacklist … and sorry to hear you’ve had that happen, it’s not very nice, friendly or reasonable … good that you didn’t mention who, I prefer not to get involved in other’s disagreements …

      If you quote and include others work then probably (definitely really) a good idea to get permission in advance, as a caveat …



  11. Oh please don’t worry. It will be a great surprise when it happens. My blog is a total lifeline and I love it. I never expected to make friends doing it, but I have and it is great. I would hope to build my following slowly over time.

    1. You’ve stirred the grey matter so it’ll happen sooner or later, plus I think markets make great photos anyway … I’ve got a few from a vineyard, but they aren’t fruit and vegetables … just about to post one of a thai kid … speak soon … Don

  12. I was just at the point of giving up my blog when it was re blogged. It made a temporary and dramatic spike in my stats each time it happened but also gave me the chance to follow up on blogs I liked. I really appreciated it. I know we should not create a blog for self gratification, but when we pour heart and soul into our posts it is really good to know that someone out there likes it.

  13. I reblog frequently. As you probably know, a lot of the material on my blog is historical in nature, and I read several other history blogs that often present very interesting articles that I think my readers would enjoy. It’s especially nice when the articles are on subjects or have a particular angle that I wouldn’t be likely to do on my own blog, as it introduces a new and different perspective. Reblogging also helps me “fill in the gaps” in my blogging schedule with interesting and valuable material that I know my readers will find interesting. Reblogging is so crucial a part of my site, in fact, that the people I reblog most frequently (Robert Horvat, Jaunting Jen, Artlark, etc.) I consider almost “co-contributors.” I’m very happy to share their stuff and, I hope, drive traffic to their sites.

    WordPress has recently improved the reblogging feature where now they automatically upload images on a reblogged page to your own site. This is important on a site like mine where the front page layout involves header images. In a future upgrade I’d like to be able to attach tags and categories to a reblogged post without having to go back in after it’s published and enter them.

  14. Hmmm interesting! Kat & I chose to have our blog feature our content exclusively, but it’s very much a living journal of our activities so wouldn’t make sense to include others! Thx for your article! ~SueBee

  15. I’m with you. I lean more toward the pro side also. When I get likes and comments that is wonderful, but when someone chooses to re-blog something I’ve written, that speaks volumes! For me, it is a great honor. When I re-blog others’ work, it’s either to get their post the attention it deserves, to help their blog grow, or because their post meant something very special to me.

    The only draw back I’ve ever witnessed with re-blogs, are those bloggers who *only* post re-blogs. They never publish their own work. That is an immediate turn off for me.

    In summary, blogging is about community. So let’s be a community.

  16. I think you have some good points on each side! I definitely like reblogging when there’s no more information I could add to the original post. If there’s more information I want to add, or their post is supplemental information to what I’m posting about then I will give them credit, and a link to their site/blog/post. I also tend to reblog when I’m having a really crazy day and I want to get SOMETHING onto my blog that I think my followers would enjoy, even if it isn’t health related and just funny stuff.

    1. For sure it can be a quick way to get content up when we’re busy, so yes good point … there are some pros and cons, so I guess the individual blogger needs to make that choice 🙂

  17. Hi Don.
    The Reblog is a privilege and it needs to be treated that way. Only in the hands of a spammer will reblogs be spam.

    Thanks for the info regarding the settings. 🙂

  18. I think reblogging is a great idea. One I hope to do more of in the future.

    I like the idea of creating a sharing atmosphere in the blogging world. I think many bloggers worry too much about competition in their niche. I’m a firm believer in embracing the competition, and work together rather than against one another.

    I never thought to turn off comments and likes. Thank you for that tip!

    1. Thanks Carrie-Anne …

      And Irene also pointed out that if one leaves the likes on, she does a double like … “like” for reblogging and “like” the original post, an angle I hadn’t thought of …

      My angle was I get very many likes anyway, and was trying to force my readers to like the original post rather than the reblog … how I decide which is best now, I have no clue !

  19. I really enjoy reblogs because then I get to discover blogs I never knew existed. You’re right however, it does mess up the formatting. Reblogs are never as pretty as the actual work, but they’re a bit like a link, so just click on the original.

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