Night Beach Panorama – Loy Catong Festival – “Kim Kardashian-orama”

Taken during last year’s Loy Catong festival in Thailand in November.

This one’s four portrait photos sellotaped with PTGui Pro.

Kim Kardashian-orama” – tenuous connections invited, but no breast jokes unless they are funny … just for fun and Google … of course …


Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

14 thoughts on “Night Beach Panorama – Loy Catong Festival – “Kim Kardashian-orama”

  1. I love night shots actually (almost more than sunsets 😉 )
    I am trying to figure out though if those are stars or fireworks/lanterns?
    (heck of a bright stars if they are – and stars are really tricky to pick up in a shot too!)

      1. I am
        ACTUALLY being serious –
        AND Now I feel sufficiently equipped to slap my screen name around as freely as I choose – when ever and where ever… 😛 LMAO!
        ARE THEY STARS???? FFS? (I am sorry – they just look so bright and they COULD be lanterns? You said they are lane=terns but I thought maybe you like to refer to stars as sky lanterns (cos that is really cute) but I was not sure –

        We ARE doing awfully well today aren’t we? LMAO!

      2. LOL, no worries … they are lanterns hun, they let off millions of these things on Loy Catong it’s one of the two big yearly festivals, the other is songkran just passed … which i don’t like because people soak each other with water, water pistols and the like … so I didn’t write about it, and stayed away … loy catong much more my scene a relax, bit of food and drinks by the beach, set off a sky lantern or two and then push a catong out to sea … have a search on my sidebar for catong or look on my photography pages, I posted a bunch of photos at the time and afterwards been gradually drip feeding them in along with my other posts … 300 photos in a couple of hours, but you need to take that many at night because many don’t come out so good …

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