Daytime Panorama

It’s not just a sunset that makes a fantastic panorama. Here’s a beautiful one taken during the day, with great clouds crossing the sky.

Made up with 8 x 14megapixel portrait shots stitched together using Hugin panorama software, giving an amazing circular effect in the sky.

Do take a close look at the photo to fully enjoy it’s beauty.


Taken in London, UK © dannyboybroderick

19 thoughts on “Daytime Panorama

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    1. This is quite some reply :). I did like the elephant drawings, so would be interested to see your other blogs – let me know what they are and I’ll take a look over the next few days?

  2. Love the photographs you post on here. My daughter is an excellent photographer on the sly and has a Nokia super-duper God knows what camera I keep saying I’ll suss out at some point and have a go at using. Excellent stuff 😉

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