Blacklist – Enough Is Enough

Those of you that read my blog have heard a little of the morons that I have to deal with on a daily basis. My friend and fellow powerblogger Jason Cushman “A Opinionated Man” from Harsh Reality blog is also fairly vocal on the subject.

Yesterday I posted a genuine opportunity for a writer for an internship. Danny and I are perfectly capable of doing the writing ourselves, but thought someone might find it beneficial. We’re also offering to help them in their own blogging. Win-win. How much more generous and helpful I do not know that I could be.

Then, today I received this message (on my intern post), from someone who continuous leaves incoherent (and sometimes inappropriately sexual messages for me) :

hello there.. plz click on my profile and click the UNFOLLOW button

  1. NO, yours is a public blog and I’ll follow who I please. If you don’t want people following you mark your blog to private, or delete it. You do not have the right to tell me to unfollow you. You may of course unfollow me whenever you wish, glad to see the back of you actually, you’re dead weight.
  2. Within that it’ll be an absolute pleasure to unfollow your blog, nothing actually would give me greater pleasure than the relief of no longer being associated with a moron like you.
  3. I don’t appreciate the indirect hostility, without any reason, do not do that again.
  4. I’ve never shown anything to you apart from consideration and warmth, and therefore have no idea why you should feel so hostile towards me. Especially on a post where I’m trying to give someone an opportunity.
  5. Please do not leave any more incoherent or sexual messages on my blog.
  6. You’re being added to my publicly available blacklist.
  7. Do not contact me again.

I’m starting a page that will contain my previously private blacklist. I will list gravatars and blogs, but not reasons. Anyone and everyone will be able to view who’s on the list, and are welcome to join me in boycotting these quite frankly rude, obnoxious, abusive and trollish people, or not. I have entirely had enough of it, these people can play facebook or youtube, but f*** off from WordPress, especially my blog. For every moronic imbecile, I meet thousands of lovely, bright, warm and friendly people, the idiots are a tiny minority. Thank heaven for the good ones out there, you guys make my days lovely.

Further I will start to name people who’ve been SERIOUSLY hostile – on my front page. The lady above I haven’t as yet named, on this post, but will appear on my blacklist. It’s not serious enough to name her directly, yet.

I reckon it’s about time we as bloggers did something about these morons, not so much for myself, but for younger more immature blogs, that don’t have the experience or the thick skin yet to ignore them. I almost gave up blogging because of one moron, who completely lied about me in public, I will tell the full story soon, not quite ready yet. Shaun Gibson of shuanynews  luckily appeared and gave me perspective on the whole thing. And there’s also a lady who appeared at the same time, has been very helpful in resolving more than one issue. These ordinary everyday heroes are around in the community, thankfully.

I’m all for freedom of speech – some people have mastered politely and assertively saying what they want, with the social intelligence to word things non-argumentatively and taking responsibility for their own feelings. Others just seem to have verbal diarrhoea, and seem to want to dump all their emotional crap in a hostile way … f*** off, frankly, no one enjoys your company or your comments, your presence is “tolerated” at best.

I’m not as yet going to announce the location of the blacklist, I’ll wait until I’ve populated it, I’m not trying to single people out, just make it clear who the trouble makers are. Other people can decide for themselves if they want to interact with these people/morons/imbeciles/trolls/liars.

If there are other largish respectable bloggers who’d like in on this project, happy to work collaboratively on it, obviously for the benefit of the community, not to solve personal vendettas. So I’ll only discuss this with people I’ve known quite a while and already trust that are in it for the good of the community. Call it bloggers looking out for bloggers dot org … or Bloggerhood watch dot org … or whatever …

Warm regards

Don Charisma

Resources & Sources

“Black” list –

Notes for commenters:

Don Charisma Warning Improvised Writing

Comments are invited. BUT you are reminded that this is a public blog and you are also reminded to think before you press the “post comment” button. 

Good manners are a mark of a charismatic person – so please keep comments civil, non-argumentative, constructive and related, or they will be moderated. If you feel you can’t comply, press the “unfollow” button and/or refrain from commenting.

I read ALL comments but can’t always reply. I will comment if I think there’s something that I can add to what you’ve said. I do delete without notice comments that don’t follow rules above. For persistent offenders I will ignore you permanently and/or report you.

Most decent people already know how to behave respectfully. Thank you for your co-operation on the above.

128 thoughts on “Blacklist – Enough Is Enough

  1. A black list? First time I heard of this. I think you´re going to be a pioneer on this one.

    Actually I already have some cool friends based in San Francisco, an organisation really who called me a troll(never had heard of that name, actually like it) and I´m not in a list, but in their website as being a troll according to these nut jobs.

    Hope you give it to them good, not me though I´m afraid of that kind of thing. Be nice to me, I know you are a good man at heart.

    1. There’s only one guy on it so far, out of the gazillions of morons … he went to absurd lengths to be an imbecile, so it’s my little reward for him …

      1. Well if he screws with you, good for you to get him back. I don´t understand the urge for people to go to other blogs and bash the writer, if you don´t like the blog just don´t read it. Or if you want to comment and your comment is a “disagree” there is nothing wrong with that with me, if they do it to me unless they disagree in a respectful way.

  2. I’m sorry for your situation. I’m a baby blogger and when I started writting I didn’t know if I really wanted to have a public blog because I was afraid that it happened to me the same that happened to you. Actually I haven’t this problem and I am happy, but you give me other perspective, so thank you very much.

  3. I think it’s better to enjoy them, no? Take out the naughty words if you have to but otherwise let them hang themselves—as the ‘lady’ you mentioned has done.

    C’mon Don, face it—there’s nothing you could do that would more reveal her as an inorani— igniru— innoramu— thicko than she’s already done for herself.

    1. LOL, I posted later about a guy who deliberately lied in the support forum in order to try to make me look bad … that’s pretty hostile, and very manipulative … the lady on this post I did try to protect her identify, but she decided to make herself known … I don’t think she’s malicious, so not putting on my public blacklist … there’s plenty of others I could have brought to the front page, but why give them the satisfaction ?

  4. I just read this and find it baffling. Baffling in the way like seeing someone drunk and screaming in a Wiggles concert surrounded by children. The fact that you even are making the posts is pretty sad.

    I can not believe that people are spending their time attacking your blog and creating problems for you on a daily basis. Like you said…you expect such stupidity on YouTube but not WordPress.

    Hitting the “follow” button is a process for most (except for the attention whores and spammers). You have to seek out the blogs that interest you and buy into what they are saying before you want to follow the site. Why invest all of that and then turn around and be miscreant?

    Well, good luck with weeding these folks out of your life. Maybe they will return back to trolling in the comment sections elsewhere.

  5. All I can say is that: what is wrong with people? You are one of my favorite bloggers and I love what you post. Why are people so rude? And why do they even ask for you to unfollow them? ugghh

    I really cant feel your pain since I haven’t gone through this, and I hope I don’t ( I won’t right?), ‘but all I can say is: Go on,go on, go on 😀 Don’t let them bring you down. Keep on blogging because you are doing great 😀

    Love, Yazmin

  6. I think a public blacklist is a good idea as there should be some way of decent, law-abiding bloggers to not have to live with the threat of spammers, trolls etc. Perhaps if these people are singled out then it will make them think twice about their future behaviour.

    I say go for it, Don 🙂

    1. Thanks hun … I’m maintaining my own public blacklist for now, if other bloggers that I trust want to club together then we could do a more formal site. What I want to avoid is persecuting people who don’t deserve it. This guy has a choice to go to support forum, and choice to offer a retraction or ask support staff to remove thread. He didn’t and still continues to blog in the community.

      My page is live, and I will add to it as time goes on,

      1. I do think it is a good idea, Don, and I think you’re going about it the right way. I take it that you give such folks a friendly warning about their behaviour and the consequences of continuing to be abusive before they go on the list?

        I agree that it shouldn’t be some sort of witch hunt but that bloggers or people who deliberately and repeatedly troll someone should be publicly named and shamed. Maybe it will make them consider the consequences of their actions in future.

      2. Thanks Heather (behind on comments) … I think warning’s tone based on how the person is behaving, if they are a tiny bit rude then a friendly warning, if they are very abusive then it might be more stern. And in some cases, which you’ll have seen my post by now, people have been so hostile they’ve posted in the support forum and lied about me. In which case no I’m not going to go to there blog and leave messages which they may then do who knows what with … The guy that’s on there I’ve posted about, and everyone should be clear about why he’s on there.

        The lady this post was about has volunteered her identity by posting a comment. I just cannot see that she’s malicious, so she’s not going on the blacklist, for now.

        I don’t like the idea of a witch hunt, as it is so easy to punish someone unfairly. But for people who are deliberately going around being rude and abusive, I think I’d like to see something done about it. The only steps I can take is to maintain my own blacklist, at the moment, which may be a deterrent. People already operate their own private blacklists in the settings by banning gravatars and ip-addresses, so this is actually only just a more public step.

        (on a separate note I’ve posted the selection process for the internship, please can you let me know you’ve seen it and let me know of any questions ASAP)



      3. I have seen your intern posts and received your emails. I hope you received my responses 🙂

  7. Sad that the internet has spawned such creatures. I think (I do honestly from time to time) that these people are not happy offline so spit evil at nice people online. I know I do not post a lot at mo but have been illegally evicted from my flat whilst away on mini holiday, not got work, without insulin (type one diabetic) and of course am busy sorting out this part of life. Yet you good sir post quality to my eyes you surely do….

  8. So far my spam file has picked up those remarks. I hope it continues to block them, because I sure don’t want that stuff showing up. Being a small angelfish in a large pond has its good points in situations like this.

  9. Phew it wasn’t a comment I made. LOL . I always enjoy reading your blog Mr Charisma – don’t always agree with your viewpoints but respect your right to express them ( especially on your own blog haha) and enjoy the banter that can ensue as a result. Like jarodjanner I too can see that someone held in the position as you appear to be to many, has a power that needs to be considered. I do believe many will follow your lead ( not me of course – too headstrong as you know lol) blindly .

    Is it right though, to create a blacklist list with no reason offered or to create the list at all? Is it a way of indirectly censoring opinions? Like the ‘offender mentioned casually’ in your post yours too is a public blog and a public blog is just that. Sadly not all community members will follow correct social behaviours, just as in our regular day to day lives we are faced with such offenders. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be blog prison nor rehabilitation programs to prevent re- offenders.
    Perhaps you need to encourage your readers to be discerning enough to recognise those comments designed to illicit discussion as opposed to those that are created just to incite. As it is your blog though, I appreciate your right to respond to the actions of those in your space- deleting their comments or using your powerful word style ( which you do have) to counter their game. 🙂

    1. I’ve just posted the main reason. For my website, actually I’ll publish without a reason. Up to others what they do elsewhere. I had a criminal allegation made in the support forums, which is extremely hostile, and actually that person had a choice to post there and a choice to retract. He posted of his own free will and issued no appology or retraction, so I will defend myself, strongly. And no I don’t care to give the reason on my blacklist page.

      I don’t always agree with your point of view either. But we’re polite and civil to each other. I often learn from you, which is very helpful to me.

      1. I’m flattered by your last sentence. 🙂 I have always thought it to have been me doing all the learning. I like that we can question and disagree with each ( and for the most , most people are like that) without it becoming a n attack on the person rather than the opinion. Anyway I read your next article and see the problem you faced. For the record I am happy for you to ‘like’ all my posts and you are most welcome to do so.

      2. You graduated during WBIIA 2 hun, when the student teaches the teacher, then it starts to be become a two way thing … Shaun Gibson I thought I was teaching him, but he’s such a good teacher, he was teaching me, in reality … It’s a master or master’esses skill … you got it hun … for the record I think you’re pretty cool …

  10. Oh my goodness…Don…I am so sorry to say this – but I am laughing. REALLY – not at you or your expense but at the fact that I saw that comment on that post and my face went RED with off peed-ness..I SO wanted to reply to her comment….I opened an email to send you heading toward it and thought better of it…and then this post appears which has made my day (still getting to through all of the posts) – and – and – another comment appears from same dame. Oh dear. Horrible – but – funny how ridiculous folk can be. (loving the ladies commenting here!!!) 😀

    1. Thanks hun, and please hold off on this one, I don’t think she’s malicious, so I’ve temporarily given her a reprive on the public blacklist … it pissed me off, but being cruel isn’t my style …

      And actually amazed by the support, happy to have so many friends around me 🙂

      1. Thats why I thought twice Don – YOUR Site – not mine – it is up to you how you handle it Sir 😉 I often FEEL like stepping in – but I seldom – if ever do. Still – it is odd and a little funny as well…though I must say this – I am not sure how to read into the comments HERE . COnfusing. I think you have the right outlook though… patience is so lovely 😉

      2. Benefit of the doubt, and also hornets nest as best left as they are … also my Ninjutsu teacher taught me only to fight in self defence, it’s the same I think in all martial arts …

      3. Ah – you check now. We found the culprit of the shenanigans – makes more sensei now. Oh dear Lord that was a bad one! One bumbling Idiot chatting with a buzzing Charismatic. Good match!!

      4. LMAO! Nope – me neither – and geeees – bed sounds like the best thing – since improv – nearly 2 am now! Gosh darn it. Thanks for the company Don 😉

  11. Sorry you are still getting this buddy..I deleted my blog, 2,000 here, 500 followers and I still get abuse.. I decided to ignore. But it can be VERY hard if it’s all the time.. You are a TOP, TOP Man Don…I don’t get who would give you a hard time. You are one of the most genuine lads I have met in my life mate.

    1. Thanks dude, and I genuinely like you too as you know … I think there’s some people have problems out there, it’s just I don’t really enjoy having to deal with them … sorry to hear of your troll problem, maybe you can help me maintain this blacklist …

  12. You know I’ve never gotten over your continued posting of power lines in photos….. 😛
    Just kidding (but you already knew that).
    I don’t understand some people or where their minds can be sometimes. I guess it comes back to my last ‘R’ post – we are all real people behind our keyboards and we tend to forget that sometimes.

  13. Jeez Don. I’m sorry for your troubles. I don’t understand why anyone would feel the need to spew their sewer sludge on others. If someone came to my house and sh!t on my doorstep it would piss me off too. Nonsense like this takes idiocy to a whole new level. :/

  14. As a newbie myself, I’ve only come across one creep who I deleted immediately. Another was a spammer I didn’t know about, but was warned right away by another blogger. Be nice to know who these folks are, as I generally am way too innocent for my own good. Thanks, Don.

    1. You are welcome. The lady has subsequently come forward, and I don’t think it’s malicious, so I’m granting a temporary reprieve for her as regards the public blacklist. The more hostiles from the past no such luck they will be named and shamed.

  15. One thing I’ve learned in my writing journeys is that there are some truly awful people who are so insecure and unhappy in their lives that they try to spread their poison to bring you to their level. Even though we have the power to ignore them, their words haunt our minds forever. That’s the sad truth. But I also believe that without these dark and nasty people, the good would simply become mundane and those glimmers of joy would pass unnoticed. I enjoy your blog and I enjoy that you visit mine as well. I’ve been pretty invisible as of late because of those same sorts of nasty people. But I realized in my break that I can’t continue to allow those people to determine my destiny. Time to revel in the joy of the happy people who value me. You are obviously valued by many more than I! To have a list to reference would be a nice tool to avoid these kinds of people. 🙂

    1. For sure, and yes I’d forgotten the contrast part, paradoxes !

      The lady has been in touch, somewhat apologetic, so I’m temporarily not putting her on the public list. There are others however that have been far more hostile, and I will publish them soon, well just as soon as I’m ready.

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment, and nice to know I’m blessed with so many cool people around me, it’s probably why I can’t stop doing what I’m enjoying 🙂

  16. Hey Don!
    Wow! I have been a bit absent for a while but what did I miss?
    I am sorry that you have to deal with people like this.
    Although I can’t really help myself wondering what I would have to do to make that black list…. 😉
    Sorry! Can’t help that, black wings remember? 😉
    Anyways, all joking aside, some people can really be a pain in the ass for sure. I don’t make a big deal of that, I just tell them to get the hell of my blog if they don’t like what I write lol.
    Just know that you have a awesome blog and that you are awesome yourself! 🙂
    Lots of love and hugz ❤

    1. Hey patty that’s lovely of you to say, and you do always have a lot of light, I’ve never been able to find any dark …

      although I just saw a sprinkle when you said “get the hell of my blog” … like it, very assertive !

      always good to hear from you, and hope you’re all good in the MOD club 🙂

  17. Not gonna lie, when I first saw the title of this post, I thought you were referring to the NBC show The Blacklist and this was going to be about how you were getting tired of its shit…

    Fortunately, this blacklist is a much better idea 😀

  18. I had a follower who, I think, only followed me to criticize, correct, copy and paste her about page as if I couldn’t read when I would post something about my opinion, story, etc. as if I were supposed to only post in accordance with what was on her about page. She wasn’t hostile but she was incredibly condescending, often rude, and when I was accepting awards, made the mistake of giving one to her and oh my, the lectures and yet another copy and paste of her about page. A simple, thank you, I don’t accept would have been sufficient. Some people just have no manners. And while I accept that truth, I do not wish to have anything to do with them. I asked her to please unfollow me and when she didn’t, I went into my dashboard and blocked her from my posts. I am sorry you were bullied, for that is what it is, but someone. We all post according to our individual opinions, stories, lives, etc. I feel it is important to be kind rather than right but sometimes, you just have to stand your ground and make them back off. Downright rudeness, sexual inappropriateness, etc. seems to be the dessert of cowards…..because they feel they have a certain anonymity, they show themselves to be the true cowards and dolts they are. I am so sorry you were the target of such a coward. One hates to report such things, but sometimes, that does need to be done. I am glad others have been supportive and I hope you don’t have to put up with more of this.

    1. That’s very kind of you to share your experiences, and interestingly I’ve had a quite similar experience with an award !

      The lady has been in contact, and I don’t think she had a malicious intent, so I am temporarily not adding her to the public blacklist. The other people I mentioned I will blog about, just not right at the moment.

      Thanks my friend 🙂

  19. Sorry to hear you had that experience. Like someone else pointed out some criticisms or disagreements can be helpful and can prompt you to grow as a writer or artist, etc. But someone leaving inappropriate (and incoherent) sexual messages that are unwanted? Well, that never helped anyone. As for someone writing outright lies about you, I believe in freedom of expression too, but not in outright slander.

    1. Thanks Jenny, and I agree, but there is an assertive non-conflictory way to state a case, I have a couple of unapproved comments like that (on this post), will reply to them later.

      Deformation and slander there’s little one can do without a big budget, so one has stand up for oneself.

      Interestingly after having acting honourably and protected the lady’s identity, she’s revealed it herself on a comment on this post a couple of minutes ago and denied the whole thing. That’s after I’ve said do not contact me again. I’m not going to engage, I’ve said my piece, and she had the option to press “post comment” or not, up to her.

      1. oh hello.. give me ur email id .. I will explain my illusion in details.. now am sure you are not the one I thought U to be.. becoz you commented right now and that MAN(whom I thought you to be) is sleeping in this room only LOL..
        am in utter state of confusion whether to laugh aloud or feel shy for what I did..
        forget me.. forget my comments.. if U want put all in TRASH..

      2. Look, I’m generally a kind hearted person. I’m holding off putting your name on my public blacklist for now. But the rest still stands. Please stop abusing me on my blog.

      3. u have fantastic sense of humour and your writing pattern matches a lot wid some1 very close to me.. whenever I have any fight or have grudges against him, I know some of his pseudonymous blogs and I remark there..
        till yesteray night I thought it was HIM.. now assured nope.. it’s not..
        u r doing a good job… carry on..

      4. OK, so I’m not putting you on my blacklist as I said already. But as I said before I won’t tolerate abusive behaviour. So please stop doing it. That’s all. Warm regards Don

  20. hello.. oh! plzzz, I never posted any so termed saaaxxxoooaaaaallll messages to you.
    I mistook you for one person named subhamoy… I want to withdraw myself from all bloggers… and RIP
    that’s it.. and yes… good!my comment gave you food for a blog post.. great!

      1. It does seem to me that the internet has created a new set of people that hide behind their screens and dish out unpleasantness, it’s very scary when you have a child approaching their teens..

  21. Someone I work with once looked at me one day into her new job here, smiled weakly, and said, “I am reminded we are all God’s children.” I tucked that away and remind myself of that often 🙂 I am glad you did not stop blogging, and hope when/if you do, it is on your own terms, as an independent decision. Sending happy thoughts and a long blogging life!

  22. People can be so annoying. But I want to mention that there is also value in having critics. There are people like me who read every book on banned book lists, who insist and persist in clicking on those blogs written by bloggers alleged to be MAPES, aka, Most Awful Person Ever.

    I may be a bit odd that way, but I’ve discovered that where the real treasures lie are often where all the complainers are pointing.

    1. Agreed, I see the value.

      I get commenters who leave well worded conflictory opinions, I often learn from them. I’m not talking about that I’m talking about, downright rude, hostile, liars, abusive etc … I will post my story later, but just a heads up for now …

      and also didn’t someone say criticism is the breakfast of champions ?

      The lady posting the above comment (in the post), which is irrelevant to the intern post, isn’t welcomed, nor is the manner in which it was written. The sexual comments aren’t appropriate either from someone I don’t know or want those advances from. It’s abusive, from a lady or a man.

  23. [ Chuckles ] There are all kinds of people on the internet and not all of them are filled with positive surprises.

  24. Je vous raconte ce que l’on m’a fait ! quelqu’un a installé un virus pour m’obliger à acheter un antivirus et avoir mon numéro de carte bleue ! sur la possibilité d’envoyer un média, et donc impossibilité de bloguer !
    Miss Ayo Delé aussi a plein de virus
    bravo Don Charisma

  25. Don, I’ve only had two instances that truly upset me. One I blocked immediately. The other one, I politely wrote back, but then I wrote a post to announce no one has a right to point at me to say what I “should do” or shouldn’t do”, and also, that my blog is not about religion of politics, so don’t come here to tell me in order to be happy, I need Christ in my life. A total stranger, not even seeing my work, and saying this! Well, she got a good post out of me and a LOT of people agreed with me. I also announced that if you don’t “approve” of my “out of the box” thoughts, push the unfollow button. I promote LOVE, BEAUTY, TRUTH, and LIGHT on here. If you cannot respect me for who I am just for who I am, then please, there is the door. Leave. My teeth go on edge when people refuse to accept what I say all because it is not in terminology they think is the “only way”. I beg to differ. Anyone who comes to my blog can see who I am. Anyone with “Eyes of Love” that is. xx Amy

      1. Thank you, Don. *blushing* I promote Love so I must live it. And I do. Oh don’t get me wrong I get “tempted” as good as the next person. But, if I am not in control of my emotions, I would be not living in Truth. At least that is how I see it. There is plenty in my life to take out my frustrations. Gardening for one. I end up so tired, I have none to give in to fighting with. (smile) xx Amy

      2. LOL mine used to be chasing women, not I’ve met one I like, mine seems to be blogging … both make me tired so I tend not to have any bad energy left same as you … cheers Don

  26. I hear ya! I’ve been fairly lucky thus far, but then again, I don’t blog at the same level you guys do. My only comment is that by naming them on a blacklist, aren’t you pushing traffic their way and in turn helping them?

    1. Perhaps, but what kind of traffic, traffic from people who want to avoid having the same kind of issue and unfollowing them … to me that makes perfect sense, they are welcome to that traffic … in any case I’ll probably not make them actual hyperlinks so they won’t get any Google juice out of it … ie is different from

  27. I’m interested in why you aren’t posting reasons they’ve been added to the blacklist. As someone who’s been on the receiving end of an unjust banning, I feel like people should know why the folks on the blacklist have been added. Additionally, they should be able to find evidence of their crime. There is nothing worse for someone than being guilty beyond deniability, and, as long as you don’t post your reasons for blacklisting a person, those people will always be able to claim that you just had it out for them.

    You’ve initiated a powerful process, Don. You have a large following who’d be more than happy to boycott the people you’re blacklisting. However, the way you have it set up at the moment will lead to nothing but unbiased hostility, the same kind of hostility you’re blacklisting people for. People will go to extreme lengths in defense of your honor, and they won’t even know what the person did that got them on the list. The answer is punishment, not a massacre.

    1. So thanks my friend, this is exactly what I mean. You are able to state a conflictory argument, without being argumentative. Some people aren’t able.

      I’ve been unfairly banned too (not on WordPress). A few emails and it was sorted out.

      For my own blacklist, I wouldn’t publish the reason, because I wouldn’t want to discuss the matter further with the person or give them additional fuel. And actually some of the hostility I’ve faced I couldn’t care less if they reckon I had it in for them. This is purely a defensive move, I’m not a hostile person by nature, and anyone that knows me would vouch for this being the case.

      I’ve also been very careful not to publish this lady’s credentials. I don’t want unjust punishment. What I do want is to stop abusive people from commenting on my blog, and fear of being on such a blacklist may be enough.

      Also people that have shown extreme hostility, and gone to further lengths to be abusive, then really I do want some mechanism to level the playing field. In these extreme cases I am happy to publish the person’s website, and it’s up to people that read it, what they want to do. My view is that they should have thought more carefully before having demonstrated extreme hostility. Someone who is hostile must expect the other person to defend them-self, that’s just simple logic.

      I do not generally buy into the idea of fighting fire with fire, but sometimes it’s the only way to stand up for oneself.

      Thanks for you comment, it was very useful and helped me think through a lot of this.

  28. Personally I wouldn’t even respond back to the people who show no respect for blogging. I believe that when you respond back you give them the edge, as that is what they want to be “heard”. You cant please every one and besides who would want too? Black list them is one way to keep them off of your sites and possibly others, But they still get their way and there voice heard. Just ignore is the best medicine. What they post just shows who and what they are, Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. Sorry to hear you are having to deal with such ?:”*&^%$ just be yourself as that appears that, that,
    is what they are doing!

    1. For sure, and generally I ignore … I’ll post about where I’ve tried to ignore and what happened later, and why I will do the blacklist and make it public. I’ve had some quite abusive stuff done, and it’s time go public … not right now, but soon …

      I’ve given the lady the post was about a temporary reprieve as she’s been in contact, and I don’t think she had a malicious intent.

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