Ship Propellor Towerama – National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum in London is pretty interesting to have a look around. We were using it as a shelter from the wintry rainy weather, but hey I don’t need an excuse to take a photo 🙂

I’m fairly sure there was no clear shot of the propeller and it’s support in one photo, without using a panorama, it’s impossible to get the vantage point. Well with my iPhone 4s as it is …

This is a vertical panorama (Towerama) taken entirely on my iPhone, with no external merging.


Taken in London (c) Don Charisma 2014

26 thoughts on “Ship Propellor Towerama – National Maritime Museum

      1. Thanks leslie, you had me a little worried there for a mintute … probably because danny’s posting airplanes and I’m posting ships … it’s enough to confuse me !

  1. I miss that museum. It was a fun little stop, and my friend and I spent a good amount of time in the museum… time well worth spent, mind you.

    However, every time I read your blog, the desire to go back to London increases exponentially.

    1. It was actually my first time, so a new adventure for me … glad to hear I’m sparking nostalgia … hope all is well my friend, we’re thinking of a new improv thing on my blog, wondered if you might be interested to get involved ?

      1. Cool, I’m still trying to figure out how to make it work live on the blog, so any ideas on that would be appreciated … best I came up with so far was using the comments, then posting what we’ve written in the comments on a post … that post start using the comments, and so on … probably a two player game at this stage as it’s very much experimental !

        I’m about half way through Keith Johnstone, it’s really been useful in all kinds of ways, great read 😉

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