Sunset Balcony Towerama

Off of my own balcony, where I live …

Enjoy 🙂


Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

54 thoughts on “Sunset Balcony Towerama

  1. Wow that view is heavenly! The red rooftops match the sunset to a tea 😀 if ever you feel like flat swapping just let me know hah 😉 x

    1. LOL … now that would all depend on where your flat is … but I guess you probably figured that … flats in thailand aren’t expensive anyway, so get saving and come on holiday !

      1. Oh I know! On my poor wages it will take me years. . . unless I can find a job out there lol x

      2. Horticulture 🙂 might have to arrange a work trip to visit your native flora 😉 x

    1. LOL, only just over two years … I’m happy here with my lady, so maybe I’ll stay forever … there’s always quite a lot of uncertainty for me, so I can’t say for sure … almost neighbours is about right, it’s probably 1000 miles or two !

  2. I love the views from your home, they are so different to what I see from mine! As I look out of my front windows I see nothing but a few sheep and lambs in the field and from the back there are no house at all and moorland in the distance.
    When I see your photos I imagine the buzz, the life and the warmth. It’s a good feeling.-Karen

    1. Hey Karen, I used to live in wales, and that’s a sheep and moorland view, so I know exactly !

      It’s certainly very warm here, get’s a little too hot often … and there’s buzz and life too … glad you enjoy 🙂

      Working on the market photos, they’ll come when you least expect I expect …

      1. I can not believe that you lived in WALES! So funny! I went there once for a weekend and spent hours and hours driving around just trying to buy a fresh chicken to cook! Although I live on Dartmoor there are local towns where I can buy everything I need. But to get some city ‘buzz’ it’s London everytime, or Bath is a good second.

      2. Yup, amazing but true … it can be a bit rural, and for young’uns no buzz and just trees, fields and sheep, well city appeals more … I think as we get older, more relaxing pace can be more appealing …

  3. Reblogged this on ander01 and commented:
    Some views are magical others are amazing, some are even breathtaking; this one has an element of all three, and then some. I totally enjoy it.

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