Black Box – Don Charisma’s Writing Prompt

Today’s writing prompt – “Don Charisma’s Sneaky Black Box”

If you didn’t get what it was about yesterday – spontaneity and creativity. Don’t think about it – do it, be it, feel it, live it, f**k it … F**K thinking about it too much. Yesterday’s prompt is exactly what the most creative and spontaneous people use – NOTHING, NADA, no prompt at all. Imagination is what counts 🙂

So … Write about it. Publish it. Job Done … Or not, up to you !

Why? Because 99.99% of what most people write/draw/photograph/design won’t be on Freshly Pressed or go viral … So have fun, write stuff that amuses you and extends your writing abilities. Or draw, paint, photograph, design, whatever “floats your boat”. As soon as we start to try to be original, funny and perfect, guess what, spontaneity and creativity fly out the window. I heard it recently described as “forcing the funny” …

What do I know ? I’m not a writer or an artist … A JK Rowling or A Mozart or A Picasso … dreamer is more likely …

Do I care ? NO … I just get on with doing the best I can, have fun making mistakes, and laugh at myself when I’ve average, and laugh even more when I’m below average … I’m sure you guys have a good laugh when I do dumb stuff or produce crap …

“That nutty Don Charisma’s at it again, he’s posted a black box as a writing prompt, surely that imbecile has lost his mind … doesn’t he know a writing prompt actually has to give me an idea ? … funny though, I laughed and laughed when I told Tamika and everyone on facebook … I’ve unfollowed him, dopey fool, there are some much better ‘serious’ writing blogs”


Don Charisma

Don Charisma's Black Box
Don Charisma’s Black Box

60 thoughts on “Black Box – Don Charisma’s Writing Prompt

  1. This is wonderful! I’m laughing so hard! Good work. If you can’t find something around you to write (compose, paint, dance) about, then you might take a good look at the black box – and then think outside of it!

      1. Well, no magic really, just what came to mind when I read your post….”I already made a black box”. I actually threw it away that day, too much negativity I suppose, except for the “Y” sprouting branches. Maybe that is how big things disappear…the black spreads like fog and covers up any evidence of who we are or our whereabouts. Hmm….

      1. Main thing is to be trying, experimenting etc, that’s how we improve … I’m forever trying out new stuff on the blog, some works some doesn’t … WordPress is largely very tolerant and supportive in my experience so a good place to be encouraged 🙂

      2. lol Yes. But I try to never get to stuck on happy, ’tis relative. Like the moon stuck in earth’s orbit; sometimes it’s a spectacular view from earth. But from another perspective, it’s just a rock in a universe full of stuff* 🙂

        I wax and wane with however the tide of “happy” pulls me; dictated by that rock. Wait, doesn’t everyone…? 🙂

      3. Perspectives and perceptions, some aren’t happy for one reason and another … generally I’m happy enough, but as you say, life waxes and wanes … to embrace that is probably a big part of happiness 🙂

      4. LOL, only on Mondays … the rest of the week I’m a complete imbecile … I have to write all my posts in one day … kidding … obviously !

      5. … so you’re the Monday girl ? … sorry I didn’t fully understand, either I’m trying to be far too clever or I’m a complete moron … either is possible, as it’s passed midnight here into tuesday !

      6. I’m from UK, so not a native … some people reckon I’m an ex-pat, so I guess that’s about right … time difference US to Thailand is around 12 hours, depends on where in US, because it covers 4 hours worth of time zones !

      7. From London really, that’s my home now … I have relatives on my dad’s side from Kent, quite like kent as a place to live, it tends to be warm and flat and they have some seaside there too 😉

      8. I dunno. It’s been so long. Maybe I’m thinking of another small-ish Kent seaside town…Hmm. I know it had a walk-through-tunnel aquarium thingie in it. An ex-English BF (and very lovely man) took me and my brother to see it. I twisted his arm to take me to that one because I wanted to “walk through fishes and sea water* :}

  2. LOL! Love. 🙂 I like that black box. Void of light, color, basically any perceivable spectral things* Here’s my story response to this prompt: Black Box.

    But really? We can have creative leeway? No specific prompt? Such a contrast from force-fed writing prompts; so novel…

    I might have to imagine something very spectacular about this onyx blip in space; this black hole; an abyss with its narrowness and lack of visual diversity. But it’s just as it appears, glaring back at me from my TFT-LCD screen. Or is it…?

    Perhaps it’s just one of many perfect squares, along the most ominous binary that winds its way through this highway of what we refer to as the “Internets”…The core. The heart. That beating drum of a pulse dictating the path of a billion rhythmic human voices connecting*…But wait, maybe I just have? 😉

    1. Lovely Luna, I really like that, you’re writing I enjoy, I connect with … You’re welcome to post on your own blog and link, if you like 🙂

      Warm regards


    1. doh … but I guess up to you, write it, don’t write it … actually something I love about my imagination, I don’t have to do/write/create everything that appears on the Don Charisma canvass !

  3. Don, as a working method I agree with you but, on here, we’re NOT ‘living it’, ‘doing it’ ‘feeling it’ we’re TALKING about these things and verbal statements require a verbal response, which entails consideration (thinking). My advice (after 74 years of making mistakes): don’t play to the gallery, Don. I can sense you’re worth more than that.

      1. just got back from my daily constitutional sunset beach walk, always clears the backlog 🙂 … thanks for your submission to my writing prompt, I’m very grateful because it’s given me a few days worth of prompts and opinion posts … you are a very thought provoking writer … a novel approach at teaching the teacher, but whatever works – frankly in an air of politeness and good humour, either or for me …

        Sometimes I blog to the gallery, sometimes the gallery blogs to me, sometimes I blog to myself, it’s all the same to me, a learning and creative process … I have my goals and dreams, and they are what drives what I do, not my audience.

        For the next writing prompt, please can I ask you to follow etiquette and post your submission on your blog … you’re welcome to send me the link as others have done, sometimes I reblog, comment and like, at my discretion.

        Warm regards

        Don Charisma

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