Strangely Surreal Ocean Sunset Panorama

Something oddly surreal about this sunset, I can’t quite put a finger on it … anyhow, something different for today !

Enjoy 🙂

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

72 thoughts on “Strangely Surreal Ocean Sunset Panorama

  1. Hey Man!
    Been wanting to connect to thank you for your continued attendance and support – AND – to let you know that I am truly in awe of your unique site(s).

  2. Wow! This is an incredible shot. Obviously you’ve got lots of photography experience 🙂 I don’t take my own pictures, but I’m a graphic designer who also tries to capture feelings in pictures and make things look visually wonderful. It would be amazing if you could look at some of my work and tell me what you think. My blog is, and thank you so much for the follow. Have a great day! Cupcake_Writer

  3. I agree with manikani2d…it does look like the ocean is square…and the sunset picture a few posts down from this one looks like the other half of the square…and like you are looking through from the other side. Love the pics. Thanks for looking me up…I am glad to land here! Blessitude ~ Lorrie

  4. I like the transition from cool tones on the left to the warmer tones on the right. That’s what makes it feel a bit surreal to me. Very nice.

  5. It’s very unusual lighting in the sky. Above the (dark) clouds, it’s “lighter” than where the sun is. It looks like the sun is shining through a haze from a fire off in the distance…

  6. The skyline and ocean horizons were made by the Great Architect high above. He looks down on us with great love. Take time to remember him in your prayers. His love for you is far beyond your view. Take time to let him know you enjoy it, too. He made his creation with you in mind. Enjoy it as he loves you far beyond your understanding. ~Yolanda

  7. Hello! Good way to generate comments! I don’t know much about photography but for me i think you made it looked like the ocean is square and you are in one of the four corners ;-P really good!

      1. LOL, I think it could well be Pizza day tomorrow, and this evening’s sunset was epic, I mean spectacular, 600 photos, I just couldn’t stop shooting until the phone was full, I got a message … so Bangkok airport, what time does your flight arrive hun ?

      2. Just actually speaking the truth hun, I really did take almost that many photos and I may well go for a pizza tomorrow … glad to see you happy anyway 🙂

        Take your time hun, bangkok will wait, and worth the wait it will be 🙂

      3. 😆 typical lady, making decisions for me !

        I like confident even for lady, spikey bits don’t do much for me, but women with strong character does … but you know this already hun 🙂

      4. Yes we have, and generalisation will always get one in trouble !

        I do my best to be strong, but no man is invulnerable or without a gentle side … well not at least any men that I like very much 🙂

      5. Just plain old motz, tom sauce and fresh basil … maybe some cooked cherry tomatoes … and if I was really feeling adventurous, freshly grated reggiano and maybe some rocket … Italians definately do pizza best !

      6. It didn’t use to that much … until I went to paris and they gave me it with the cheese board … guess what, if I drink red wine and eat cheese I don’t get upset stomach … so you know what, now I drink red wine with pizza 🙂 …

        And up to you hun … I doubt you’ll find a better Pizza guy though !

      7. I didn’t know run was a “digestive”, will have to try that … I used to get awful indigestion with cheese, now I just grab a glass of red and problem solved … I do like cheese so happy the frenchies taught me 🙂

      8. Ah, ok so I’m gonna try that, alchohol and me don’t get on great, so rum is sounding like worth another try ! Medical, schmedical …

        Now that my dear isn’t for my non-mature blog … when I start the Hugh Charisma blog or the Don Hefner blog, then we can discuss !

  8. I dream of getting married at a beach with a sunset! This is so beautiful! Thanks for the follow! I changed the name of my url to match my tagline. The new url is

      1. Wow, that picture was beautiful, thanks for sharing! I’m sorry for my late reply, I rediscovered my blog recently. I’m trying to make an effort to pick back up on my blogging! Any tips to keep up with my blogging?

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