Why I Could Never Be An Insomniac Or An Alcoholic

Hangovers and tiredness. Yup, that’s it folks. How to utterly fail at being an Alcoholic or an Insomniac … I don’t like being tired or hungover …

If I don’t sleep I get to the point that I become exhausted and literally can’t function anymore. I read somewhere that the “catching-up” on sleep is nonsense, that there’s no “catching-up”. You try telling that to me that when I’ve missed my sleep. Do I catch up – yes.


As for being an alcoholic, I tried my hardest, and failed miserably. I even had a period of 6 months where I went to bars, pubs and clubs EVERY night drinking … heavily. Still couldn’t manage to get hooked, even drinking heavily every night. The secret of my failure – hangovers and building up a resistance to it. The hangovers I really can’t stand, and over time one builds up a resistance to being drunk, so any benefit from the drink loses it’s merit.

So you find me sober and well rested … well sometimes at least !


Don Charisma

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64 thoughts on “Why I Could Never Be An Insomniac Or An Alcoholic

  1. I feel you on the hangovers 😦 But I suffer from insomnia, and can’t seem to shake the habit…I’m ironically more socially amicable and open when I’m deprived of sleep

  2. Well I’m an insomniac and I find it very annoying but at least it gives me time to read great blogs x could never be alcoholic though- one drink and I’m asleep!

    1. It’s interesting because I learn’t something from this … what I learnt is that insomniac doesn’t mean the same thing to different people … to me it means someone that never ever sleeps … the latin “in” means not and “somnus” is to sleep …

      By the popular definition, I could call myself both insomniac and alcoholic if I wanted to, sometimes I don’t sleep (or have trouble getting to bed really) and sometimes I drink …

      interesting stuff !

    1. You are very weclome, and lovely to hear from you 🙂 … I think the conclusion I came to is to listen to myself and my own body, if it tells me it needs sleep or rest, then it’s probably right … I did some research in the past into sleeping less, as my job at the time required me to be awake and alert almost 24/7 … I read that’s it’s possible to train the mind and body to sleep for short periods, then awake again, but there was a significant “pain period” whilst one was learning.

      In the end I quit the job, was my solution … now I try to get as much sleep as I feel I need …

      Yesterday I was running on less than 1 hour sleep … and I was starting to feel physical symptoms, aches and pains … I attributed this to the my understanding that the body repairs itself whilst I’m asleep, and without sleep it hadn’t been able to …

      Warm regards

      DOn Charisma

  3. I know! Me either. I would be dead within in a week if I drugged or drank LOL Or became an addict. I think I understand the process of addiction and I feel for people who suffer by it. I don’t mind the occasional drink that leads to drunkenness, but I’m just not attached to it nor do I want to be, I guess. Or sleep depravation hehe. Dunno. 🙂

  4. I am with you on needing sleep … I do not function and feel like crap! Volumes of alcohol — greater than an occasional glass of beer or champagne — interrupt my sleep process so they go hand in hand.

    As a social worker, I’ve read the literature on the effects of drinking. Lots of poor physical & mental health outcomes for high-risk drinkers. In addition, family violence often increases in households with high-risk drinking.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I look forward to exploring more of your photographs and posts.

    1. You are very welcome hun … and yes there’s a connection between sleeping and drinking, a little alchohol can help me sleep, a lot can knock me out for the count, but I wake up with nausea middle of the night or hangover in the morning …

      As for family violence, yes I can see as a social worker that’d be an issue … just trying to keep it light at my end 🙂

      Warm regards

      Don Charisma

  5. I don’t do drunk. I like a good glass of red or cocktails but I have my limit. I suffer from migraines and they are no joke…so I do not like anything that could give me a headache. Also, the thought of not being control of my faculties isn’t something that appeals to me. However…sometimes I do suffer from insomnia. I hate it! Thankfully it’s not as bad now as a few years ago. I also make a conscious effort to cut down on caffeine (which sneaks into some of my teas) and I do love a good coffee. 🙂

    1. Fairly much the same for me hun … I drink Earl Grey tea and then wonder why I can’t sleep – it’s full of caffeine ! Coffee I love but it does not very nice things to me, so have to limit my consumption …

  6. hahahaha I LOVE sleep. And I really don’t understand how some people stay up late thinking or doing whatever. I’ll never be an insomniac because I sleep more than bears on/in hibernation!

  7. Great post- only really realised how much better you could feel if you hit the sack earlier and cut down on the alcohol once you start doing it- and then there’s no turning back to the tired and grumpy hungover days!

  8. Weird thing–I don’t get hungover. No matter how falling down drunk I got or even if I puked, next day I’d feel normal again. Lucky me, though I think it helped me succeed at being an alcoholic.

    I did get DT-like symptoms once mixing booze & meds, it was pretty intense.Next day though, nothin’.

    1. My hangovers are hellish, so in a way you are lucky, but in a way I’m lucky because I really don’t want to drink again …

      As for DT, yep can happen with overloaded system, I tried the 6 months non-stop boozing and had some fairly odd times …

      For me it’s now moderation and I’m happier with the occasional drinking and occasional sleepless night 🙂

  9. I find there are “natural” ways to deal LOL all kidding aside, though, I very rarely drink because I don’t like that sickly feeling!!!!

  10. I seldom drink… but I purposely booze to get lost of sense. Yes! It gives immense pleasure.. far away from life. It’s BLANK. Till date such happened twice only.
    If U r interested U can catch me up… am at a phone call distance…

      1. who the hell has told U to inform ur galfraaand…
        noble deeds should better be clandestine 🙂

  11. never thought of it, i just stopper or can’t be alcoholic or even a smoker cause goddamit it costs so much. better saving that money and using it constructively. Maybe my behaviour will change if i have money but will be hard to get hooked on something which got ignored for so long

    1. Sounds a good ethos, living within your means 🙂 As for smoking I’m suprised people can still afford it in UK, it’s around £10 / $17 per pack now … here in Thailand it’s a lot cheaper around £1.50 / $3 per pack … or if you’re totally crazy they have local hand rolling tobacco that’s £0.40 / less than $1 per pouch …

  12. this was such a great post!!! and it is also one reason my husband stopped having a couple beers in the evening to wind down with – because IT PULLS FROM HEALTH and would give him a headache.
    and well, in this witty post you really “lightly” touched upon some meaty stuff…

    “hangovers and building up a resistance to it…”

    and well, I think so many people – especially young partiers – well they see drinking as a “treat” instead of something that PULLS from health.
    well you get a gold star for this fun take on a serious topic. 🙂

    1. Thanks much appreciated … just my take on it 🙂 I think younger partiers recover quicker and probably doesn’t affect health too much. As we get older we’re not as able to recover so quickly. So I don’t drink too much, don’t have the time for the hangovers !

  13. I think everything is okay until one doesn’t hurt others and it doesn’t take away his own health. We should know where to stop. Alcohol for me is- just to sit next to my husband and talk. We can sit for hours when drinking and talking which doesn’t happen otherwise. Also, I really enjoy analysing change of moods …ha ha…sensible to emotional. I wish I could go fast asleep. It takes so long for me…thoughts keep coming and interrupting. But I am happy that I am not an alcoholic, neither insomniac.

    1. For sure a few drinks can oil the social muscles and make people relax and want to relate more, so good in that respect … My length of time to “falling asleep” varies with “what’s on my mind” same as you … but there’s nothing like a really physically active day, and not too much on the agenda to push me straight off to sleep …

      1. I haven’t slept through the night since ’98 when a drunk driver took me out while stopped at a light. Mine was the car that ended his wild ride – he took out a phone booth and parked car before rear ending me at 100 Km. an hour. I was off work for 5 years – since then, sleep has eluded me 🙂 Damn brain damage! 🙂

      2. Wow, that’s some sleep deprivation, I don’t know whether to congratulate your or sympathise … sympathise would probably be the safest option 🙂

        I’ve had my share of periods with not that much sleep, but eventually my brain or body says, enough is enough and I’m out for the count … wake up 12, 14, 16 hours later depending on how much I need …

        It does actually fascinate me, the being able to go without sleep (or not much), it’s just that no way, no how can I do it … so do you suffer with it, or it’s something you’re used to ?

      3. I’m used to it by now. My problem is two fold – first, is my line of work. I run events for a large catering company. This could mean up at 4 AM for a corporate breakfast or getting home from work at 4 AM after a gala at the art gallery. Second – up until 4 or 5 AM I can’t sleep more than 2 hours at a time to save my life – for whatever reason, I can sleep deeply from say 5 AM till noon or so – doesn’t fit my life very well. I’m used to it by now, can nap for an hour or so at times and function well on 5 or 6 hours sleep. 🙂

      4. Glad to hear you’re used to it and you can get on with life even though by the sounds you’d like more sleep … not meaning to pry, just interested, but do you know why the car accident was such a significant factor (or causing factor) ?

      5. 🙂 Had a read, you seem to have taken it very much in your stride, I really like that attitude … it’s an interesting topic for me, so glad you shared 🙂

      6. He got the worse of it – in a coma for 3 months, considerably more brain damage than me, lost his house and job because insurance didn’t cover accidents when criminal charges applied.He had the police call me about a year after the crash to convey his regret – that meant a lot:) Life goes on.

      7. Well well done on the forgiveness, I know it’s hard to do, especially when people do bad stuff like this … Sounds like he’s paid dearly for getting drunk and not paying for a taxi, one hopes that maybe he’s learnt his lesson …

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