Beach Wedding – Panorama

I passed by a beach wedding which is what the people are on the right of the photo are doing. Nice sunset occurring at the same time, just got around to processing this panorama in Photoshop.

The exposures of the individual photos varied enormously. Photoshop has a vignetting removal feature for panorama stitching which took care of this beautifully. At the time I took this I’d discounted it because of the exposure problem, so glad to find a solution.

Enjoy, happy what’s left of Valentines Day 🙂

Photos (c) Don Charisma, taken Thailand 2013

46 thoughts on “Beach Wedding – Panorama

  1. None of my posts will show up in my Reader and I haven’t said anything wrong. This place is a joke for me anyway; I get very few likes or comments. Obviously nobody wants me here! I’ll leave my two blogs up for one week so you can take anything of interest you want, if you haven’t already. Come next Saturday, I’m terminating my blogs; have a nice life…

    1. Nuther hard day at the office ?

      Dude my posts don’t show up there either. I discovered yesterday I’ve been using too many tags, there’s a max of 15 (tags + cats). Beside that I did some extensive research on the reader and came to the conclusion it’s rigged for the VIPs to get priority, plus certain tags just don’t work. SO IT’S NOT JUST YOU THAT’S HAVING A PROBLEM WITH IT.

      As for the being part of community, it takes time and effort to get established, you just have to keep at it the same as the rest of us. Also in my opinion two blogs is one more than you need, consolidate into one blog and focus all your energy on that.

      I can solve most problems, but I don’t know exactly what’s going on for you, so above is general advice.

      If you want to chat privately, let me know I drop you an email.



      1. When you use capital letters, you’re shouting at me Don! It was just a silly mistake on my part. All is well now. I appreciate your fervent concern that I continue on! You are a great friend Don! Think I could ever leave knowing your here?

      2. Sometimes people need shouting at, it’s a fact of life dude. I do my best to spread a positive message most of the time and help others where I can. I know life can be challenging for us all at times. Friends come from sharing a bit, the bits that’s one’s comfortable sharing. Don’t forget that WordPress blogs are public, which means they can be read by anyone with a brain cell and an internet connection.

        Main thing just make sure you’re OK dude. If you want my help then ask for it, I do my best. One thing I don’t appreciate is people making it my fault when it’s not.



    1. Thanks Carol, and no need to apologise, and I’m sorry for your loss. I’m happy to see friendly faces pop up when they have time, everyone has different schedules and lifestyles … so happy to see you when I see you, if that makes sense 🙂

    1. Well if you will live on the bottom of the earth what do you expect … this was published before midnight GMT, and most of my readers are yanks who are 7 hours behind GMT … so I’m afraid you’re in a minority on times that my posts are published, which mean you just have to lump it …

      1. ???
        What makes you say that? If it’s a witty joke, note that it’s 5am here, and I’m semi gaga …
        DON’T SAY IT!

      2. And anyway … I’ve been vegetarian for the past couple of years. I leave them little fishies in the water.
        Smug, ain’t it?

      3. A sudden realisation that I’ve been holding onto double standards for YEARS. I can’t bear it that an animal be killed so that I can eat bits of it.
        Pathetic, eh?
        Doesn’t seem so to me. I’m very happy about having done it; and vego cooking is fascinating!

      4. I’ve been semi-vegetarian most of my life, so double standards you don’t have to tell me about … Pathetic, no … that’s life, it’s a paradox !

  2. Your photos are stunning, Don. Happy Valentines Day and many thanks for following my blog! Might I ask how you found me?

      1. Thanks, Don. Looking forward to your input in the future, as well as getting to know your material as well. Have a good day 🙂

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