Extra Skinny Beach Sunset Towerama

I do love my panorama, and this one takes up extra space on the page … yay ! I haven’t actually managed to track one of these down in the reader, I wonder what it looks like there ?

It’s 3 portrait shots merged with PTGui Pro, taken on my iPhone 4s


(c) Don Charisma, photos taken in Thailand, 2013

32 thoughts on “Extra Skinny Beach Sunset Towerama

  1. Reminds me of home back in Hawaii. Well, Florida is warm most of the time at least…with a few stray palm trees. As for the techiness of it…the wavy horizon is not bad at all…in fact, it kind of has a rhythm to it like the sea.

  2. DC-Always love yer photos n reading yer posts I am honored that ya often stop by and visit.
    It’s suddenly come to me (duh?) that you post a lot about Thailand n also Malaysia…Anyway one of my oldest friends lives n works (though he seems to mostly body surf) near Phuket Beach (easier than trying to spell the city name) Thailand.
    I’ll pass along yer blog. 🙂

    1. Ah thanks that’s very kind, and happy if you like my stuff … I’m currently based in Thailand, and yes it’s a beautiful place, I’m very lucky to be here … thanks for recommending, do keep in touch when you have time 🙂 DC

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