Sunrise Panorama

Panorama taken at sunrise from the top floor of my apartment block 🙂

Merged are 8 photos (portrait) with PTGui Pro.

Photos taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2013

44 thoughts on “Sunrise Panorama

  1. Hi, Don – I just received word that you were ‘following’ me at — which is my OLD site. The new one: launched well over a year ago, and has all the latest threads. Hope you’ll ‘follow’ me there. 🙂

    Your Photos are GORGEOUS!


  2. Don, you have a rich and fulfilling life. Thank you for following me to The Den. Actually I am just preparing to get activated again with this script to screen project. I have had 3 films and a non profit to run and they have taken me hostage.

    1. Hey Nathan, yes it’s a hectic life sometimes ! … sounds like you’re busy dude, and film interests me a lot, but not had an opportunity thus far to take part in making, apart from a few short videos on my iPhone LOL … warm regards DC

  3. Do I presume correctly in suggesting that the mergings are in both planes?
    How extraordinary an effect you’ve got, with segments lit that wouldn’t normally be noticed …

      1. Don’t you find it FASCINATING, the way the individual frames merge,but retain their own characteristics?
        I do. As you can tell. 🙂

      1. Working in shitty jobs, but at least I have some kind of job, painting, and is backbreaking. But people are worst so I should be thankfull. But pisses me off that I can´t dedictate my time to reading more and writing more.

        I guess it´s life, so fuck it.

        Let´s see know what pictures you put up….something good for sure.

      2. Ah yes, that’s normally for most people, pressures everywhere keeping us away from doing the things we really like doing … But you just have to get on with it and enjoy it as much as you can … work is better than no work …

        More to come dude hope you enjoy …

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