Mallard Ducks, Hampstead Heath, London

These guys were photographed on my Nikon camera that was stolen. I was taking a walk on Hampstead Heath in London with a friend when we stumbled across a group of Mallard ducks.

The drab looking one is the female and the more ornate is the male. This seems often with birds that the male is more ornate than the female. Lovely photos either way !

Taken in London (c) Don Charisma 2008

18 thoughts on “Mallard Ducks, Hampstead Heath, London

  1. Ah, Thanks you, I am new to this blogging business, and not very techy…Now I know I can add photos to my blog too…You want ducks….I can give you ducks, coots, grebes, moorhens, swans and geese – pictures from the London Wetland Centre coming soon – some from an HTC phone and some from a little Lumix (I am saving up for a Nikon SLR…)

  2. A number of years ago, I saw a couple of hundred migrating mallards that stopped to rest on the field of the school across from my house. There was a dusting of snow on the ground that night, so they showed up well, and they were silent. When I returned from my errand, they had moved on. No camera unfortunately – still the image lives with me.

    1. I saw flocks of small swallows or similar making the most awesome displays in the sky near Hereford in UK. I’m adding that because those displays were so breathtaking they will live in mind forever same as you 🙂

  3. I can remember the ducks coming to my Nan’s when I was a child and we’d feed them. That was many moons ago, but one of the few good memories I have.

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