Why I Only Buy Seagate (Not Just For Geeks)

Someone called me a geek the other day. Kind of, but kind of not. I’m moving into a more creative phase in my life, but my background and formative years were quite geeky.

Why Seagate ?


I’ve been using hard drives since they were affordable for most people to use. I’ve had Western Digital, Hitachi, Fujistu, Toshiba and probably some other brands. Hard drives do fail. It’s a sad fact of life.

Fortunately hard drives have become more reliable with the years. Western Digital used to be my preferred brand, they were the best. I don’t know what happened, but I had several drives fail early. They are now NOT my preferred brand.

I had some Toshiba branded external USB drives, which failed. On taking them apart I discovered the drives were made by Fujitsu. The drives were replaced under warranty, but my data is lost, so it’s not much of a consolation. Toshiba now owns Fujitsu hard drive business.

Cut a long story short, but over the course of the years, the only brand that has consistently measured up is Seagate. I have had their drives fail, but not as early and as often as the others. In the main I have found their drives last longer, are better built to a higher quality standard than the others.

They have always also had a 3 year warranty on their drives, whereas I don’t think other manufacturers do/did.

Seagate don’t pay me to write reviews of their stuff or endorsement. I am writing this so as to share my experience with you for when you are making a buying choice about a hard drive. My advice, buy Seagate, forget the other options.

And lastly always back up your important data. I now use a cloud storage facility for this, but keep my own local backups too.


Don Charisma


48 thoughts on “Why I Only Buy Seagate (Not Just For Geeks)

  1. It seems we are on different sides. I have had Hitachi and Seagate drives but I most prefer WD.

    All my seagate drives,external and internal, died within 1-2 years of use. I now stick with WD. I use a WD NAS for my backups and some on the cloud.

    It might just be tough luck for me with seagate.

    1. There’s I guess always going to be someone who had the opposite experience !

      Hitachi I found to be good drives. My Western Digitals that failed were quite a few years ago, been using Seagate ever since and had very few issues.

      It’s possible the WD have straighted their act out but my data is important and WD don’t offer anything that seagate don’t do so don’t want to take the risk …

      Thanks for the conflictual info, it adds to what I’ve said 🙂

      Warm regards


  2. Backing up data is becoming the focal point of all aspects of IT. I base all my solutions around RPO and RTO. But i always say lessons in data loss start at home!

  3. I have the same story to tell. Only replace Western Digital with seagate. I’ve had 3 seagate external drives fail over the course of 4 weeks.. I think luck is a big factor in the equation 🙂

  4. Seagate is, by far, the best for external drives. I have four external drives, two of which are Seagates. One of the off brand drives has already failed on me and I’m not sure I can get my data back.

    Good information you pass on in this post.


    1. Hey Leslie, you are welcome … this is the hard experience of the years … I also forgot to mention iomega, mostly because I’ve no personal experience, but I believe they are good too 🙂

      warm regards


  5. Don, I have had similar experience with Iomega. And like you I use both the cloud and a local hard drive as extra insurance. Backup is essential no matter the drive. Thanks for sharing. Jim

    1. Good idea to keep a cloud backup and a local backup … I know this as my cloud provider “lost” some files, which took several weeks to get back and quite a few emails …

      1. Scares me too, what about the data getting lost before I’ve had a chance to backup … rarely happens in practice, just do your backups as soon as you can 🙂

  6. Dear Don I own two external drives for backups. The first one, the older (5 years old) is a LaCie 320 GB is a bit noisy but works perfectly up to now; second one is a one year old 1 TB Seagate, which is so good, silent and fast!

    1. It’s a good choice. Currently I’ve been using the portable backup plus drives with usb3, they have them now in 2TB … fairly pleased with the reliability, although I prefer a direct connection to the computer with SATA rather than USB …

  7. I have an idea, but it would need to be put in place by someone like you with squillions of followers.
    It’s a … resource. You set it up as another blogsite, specifically for everyone to post opinions of hard/software of which they have personal experience,and their recommendations or not. It’s for all bloggers, and ONLY bloggers.
    All dickheads would quickly be weeded out; after all, it’d be your choice.
    Nothing wrong with being a nerd, mate! – it’s a special calling. 😀

      1. Nothing to do with clout, it’s a time and resources issue … if you want to invest your time and resources in order to “make it so” then we can look at the idea …

      2. Would be happy to invest time and resources, but your common sense is invaluable: it couldn’t be until I finish with my author talks at libraries. I’m making them all different; and if that doesn’t take time and mental resources, I don’t know what does. Thank you for the cold water, pro tem: I shall raise the topic again mid-year, and see if you’re feeling liverish or good-natured.

      3. For sure, experience has shown that people are quick to suggest and then quick to retract when it involves their own effort and time … so I’ve become more efficient in this respect … happy to look again mid-year, joint ventures have many synergies 🙂

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