Spare A Thought For These Guys

Next time you haven’t got enough leg room on your air-conditioned plane, or you’re on a packed commuter train … Spare a thought for these guys … The truck is a crane truck, and rather than put the workers on a bus, they move them around in the construction vehicles. A sight to behold indeed for a westerner. Safety … what’s safety ?

And you know what, these guys are smiling ! One doesn’t see a lot of smiling people on a packed underground train in London’s evening rush hour.

The shaddowy figures at the top left are an effect of using HDR photos for moving objects. It’s not advised but sometimes like this it adds a cool effect, unintended but I like it.

Photos (c) Don Charisma, taken Thailand 2014

26 thoughts on “Spare A Thought For These Guys

  1. Looks like they are stuck doing a soul crushing job… maybe that’s why some of their souls are trying to escape.

    1. Yes and realise that we’re pretty darn well off … still it’s fun riding in the open air, I did it a lot when I was diving in the back of a pickup truck with all the diving gear …

      You are welcome


  2. This reminds me of a story I heard of a group of coal miners in Colorado beating the crap out of their bus driver. The bus veered off the road and went hurtling down the steep mountain side. The driver bailed out, the miners rode the bus all the way to the bottom. The driver got beaten because he jumped out of the wayward bus, not for having misjudged the terrain that led to the ride from hell.

    This looks like a group of pretty rugged and tough workers. Great photo, even with the phantom riders 😀


    1. Hey Leslie, thanks that’s an interesting story 🙂

      The Thais are pretty durable people in some ways. There’s quite a lot of poverty here but the people are generally happier than I’ve seen in western countries …



  3. Don. In the late 70s and early 80s I worked in the construction business in Dubai, Nigeria and Tanzania. In Lagos, it was difficult for any driver of an empty open-backed truck as, whenever it stopped, be it at traffic lights or for any other reason, it would immediately be filled with people needing transport. I have also seen similar things in other places, where folk don’t have the means to be safety conscious, or the opportunity to make a choice.

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