Sea Shell Macro

The subject of the photo is tiny only maybe 5-10mm across. This was the first shot and the least blurry. I think he’s actually the original owner of the shell and not a hermit crab, but it’s so small very hard to see …

The other object are basically large bits of sand ! My lens is only a couple of inches away.

I’m photographing patches of sand at the moment as I think they’d make useful background for other work, graphic design stuff. Bonus is I’m getting some shots like this too 🙂

Photo(s) (c) Don Charisma 2014, taken in Thailand

23 thoughts on “Sea Shell Macro

  1. It gives me a ‘falling forward’ effect… Macros reveal things we miss in the big picture; like the abundance of life on this planet! That’s a good idea for backgrounds too; no seams :O)

    1. Thanks and yes I saw the sand washed by the waves and thought, yes that would make a good background … so I’ve been taking photos from different distances in different lighting, will end up with a collection !

  2. Nice!
    This photo almost provoked me to enter my pc so that I can clear them up and see what is beneath. Lol.. I don’t know why.. 🙂 ..

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