Secret Garden

The garden I think belongs to a dentist. It’s tucked a little bit around the back, I’ve walked past quite a few times never noticed before !

I got quite a few shots here. Although I really like this one – the fan of the palm in foreground, the hanging vine in the midground and the flowers in the background 🙂

Photo(s) (c) Don Charisma 2014, taken in Thailand

20 thoughts on “Secret Garden

    1. Thanks Maria, my lateral/creative thinking kicks in sometimes giving me good vantage point for photographing … I’m so pleased you like it it reassures me that I’m getting it right 🙂

  1. That is brilliant..beautiful colours 😉 I have taken to noticing a few things that I wouldnt have before since I became interested in photography.. trouble is I cant stop snapping 😉

    1. I turned down the brightness and upped the contrast … it was late afternoon/evening time when I took the shot and I had problems with sun haze anyway … so it came out well all things considered !

  2. Sure is secret alright! Lots of growth there… Our Dentist it seems has a green thumb! Just so long as he doesn’t have yellow teeth :O)

    1. Very well put Christopher … When I did my 10 day vipassana it was wonderful to have a calm mind and just be 🙂 I do get some moments like that still, enjoy them when they are here …

  3. Wow…a green-fingered dentist…at least you know he’ll be careful with his patient’s teeth as much as he is careful with the layout and plants in his garden. It would be a good place to recuperate after having half your teeth yanked out.

    Lovely photos DC!!


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