Beach Sunset – Perfect Panorama

Remember I posted the perfect sunset … well this is one of the panoramas I took the same day. This one is merged direct on the iPhone.

Photos taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2014

34 thoughts on “Beach Sunset – Perfect Panorama

  1. That’s a pretty good sunset Don! I’m trying to think of the name for those rays you captured above the sun, yet I just can’t remember just now… It sure makes me moan for summer, and to swim in lakes again!

  2. So – I may have missed the perfect sunset? – but here I see prettiness – and us girls like prettiness 😉
    Ps – Hoping all well – off lala land now.
    Have a good (forgot your time zone already :/ )

    1. Not sure, I posted it a few days ago and it’s on my side bar in top posts … this is the pano version … and us boys like prettiness, how do you think you girls are able to attract us boys ?

      Sleep well … speak soon 🙂 +7/+6 on UK time …

      1. lol! You know I anticipated such a reply from you re boys and prettiness 😀 Oh as human being peoples are a funny lot 😉
        Yeah – that will be good – take care till then dear.~

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