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Whose Blog Is It Anyway ? – Don Charisma’s Writing Challenge

As bloggers we’re in the enviable position of being able to experiment. The smaller the audience the bigger the scope to try new things and learn from them. And hopefully by the time we have a bigger audience we’ve done enough experiments to know what works and what doesn’t. I don’t reckon many editors would give us as much scope with a large publication. Anyway, here’s the experiment … Whose Blog Is It Anyway Poster Whose Blog Is It Anyway Poster

I once did an impro (improv ?) course in London, and thoroughly enjoyed it, even joined a group for a short while. Impro is seriously fun, terrifying in one way, but hilarious to see what can come out of one’s mouth on the spot. There is a TV show called “Whose line is it anyway ?” which features impro artists, hence the “Whose Blog Is It Anyway ?”. So the spirit of this experiment is impro. Which means you are given an idea, doesn’t matter whether you like the idea or not, and you just go and create, for fun, not serious, learn something new about ourselves.

I’m giving a few guest bloggers the opportunity to blog to you guys, my audience. I chose the main topic and their individual post titles, a few ground rules. They submit to me their finished posts, and I post.

It was that indirectly gave me the idea, and has already agreed to take part. In the true spirit of impro, the others don’t know yet.

The guests I would like to invite are :

Don Charisma invites to do a guest blog submission for Don Charisma’s Writing Challenge, “Whose Blog Is It Anyway ?”

Don Charisma invites to do a guest blog submission for Don Charisma’s Writing Challenge, “Whose Blog Is It Anyway ?”

Don Charisma invites to do a guest blog submission for Don Charisma’s Writing Challenge, “Whose Blog Is It Anyway ?”

Don Charisma invites to do a guest blog submission for Don Charisma’s Writing Challenge, “Whose Blog Is It Anyway ?”

Don Charisma invites to do a guest blog submission for Don Charisma’s Writing Challenge, “Whose Blog Is It Anyway ?”

Don Charisma invites to do a guest blog submission for Don Charisma’s Writing Challenge, “Whose Blog Is It Anyway ?”

You guys are all welcome to accept or decline, either way please could you let me know as soon as possible, leave a comment here or email me.

Also anyone wishing to act as a reserve, please make yourself known. I’ll be able to refer to this post for any later challenges, so don’t be shy. Obviously be a competent writer, who is serious about taking part and can complete the challenge in a reasonably short time-scale.

The Rules

Your submission must be civil, light hearted and in keeping with the spirit of the Don Charisma blog. It must be between 500 and 2000 words. It must start with a paragraph of introducing yourself, perhaps a little biography. Then the main body of your post, use headings if it would add value. Then a short closing paragraph. You are allowed to promote your blog/yourself in the closing paragraph, but I won’t allow plugging specific specific products, ebooks etc.

Work must be original, written specifically for this challenge, ie not something you wrote 5 years ago copied and pasted.

I will choose (most likely) an overall theme, and you will be assigned a specific title for your post. You must write as someone who is “for” whatever the title is, that’ll be partly the challenge, for some !

You must include at least one image of at least 497 pixels wide, which will be inserted into the post (please tell me where). Maximum 3 images.

My blog isn’t setup to allow outside access to dashboard, so the post will be posted under my gravatar, with your gravatar name as the author at the end of your post, along with a link back to your blog.

All rules have a little flexibility provided you are not being a moron. The idea is to have fun and provide entertainment for ourselves and those who will read.

My decision is final on any unforeseen issues, complications or disputes.

Apologies, but I can only do this with a small number of people at the moment, if all goes well I will do more challenges later. As I said already do let me know if you’d be interested in the future.

This is new ground for me and for blogging (as far as I know), so dear readers please bear with me if there’s any glitches.

Thank you all in advance

Warm regards

Don Charisma

Resources & Sources

Image (Creative Commons) – Flickr – Anirudh Koul –

129 thoughts on “Whose Blog Is It Anyway ? – Don Charisma’s Writing Challenge

  1. The quotes on your blog has been more than inspirational. Been retweeting them for a little while now but it’ll be an honor to learn directly from you. It’s not so much the words sir but when it’s actually said” «Remember happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely on what you think.»

    — Dale Carnegie
    Our preservative view of life determines how me react to situations and those words have helped put things in a proper view. Thank you for been such an inspiration and probable mentor. Appreciate it

  2. Looks like you may be doing a few of these considering the response. So I’ll add my name to the list. And yes, I do have subject matter I write about that has a lighthearted touch to it and original improvisational piano music as well.

    1. Many talents, I like it … not sure the next one will be the same format exactly, these things has a tendency to evolve ! … keep an eye on my blog though, as and when it’s time I will announce … take care … DC

    1. Hey Carol, that’s absolutely lovely of you. You’ve been an avid DC supporter since the beginning, and I know you’re an accomplished author, amongst many talents. I did think of you for this one, but wanted to keep the number of guests low due to it being an experiment. I’m planning another one, just need to get a coordinator as the workload was a bit too much. I’m discussing the possibility with someone at the moment. WBIIA will be bigger, different theme for topics, but will stick with impro theme as I reckon that’s got endless potential. I think you get my sense of humour, so you might want to check out my submission – women in combat. Please don’t read it seriously 🙂

      Warm regards


      1. LOL, you’re not american then 🙂

        I’ll be emailing you regarding challenge at your sky dot com address.

        Your gravatar still doesn’t show your blogname in my comments, check this screen is up to date – primary blog and web address … it’s important because it’s how people find your blog when you comment …

        Warm regards


      2. Thanks, DC. I’ve tried to update my screen re my blogname but I must be doing something wrong. It does show when you hover over my name I think.

      3. Yup I can see that on the float over, but the link’s not “clickable” … it’d probably help a lot with people being able to visit your blog so good to get to the bottom of … the gravatar site I do find confusing and my degree is computer science !

        Have another play and if you can’t figure it, if not let me know, I’ll do some research and see what I can find out.

        Just dinging you an email



      4. Hi DC
        I think it’s working now, fingers crossed, but when you get a moment (ha ha) perhaps you can try it out to make sure?
        Thanks and all best with the superblogging.

      5. YAY ! it’s working Carol, it works 🙂 What and where was the setting as I’m never 100% certain which one it is ? Have emailed you seperately regarding WBIIA 2 … Cheers DC

    1. Me too, think it’ll be a big success 🙂

      Could be a way to promote both blogs or maybe I’m just having fun ?

      You reckon they’ll put my name next to Albert Einstein ?

      How’s things with you ?



    1. As this is the first one I’m keeping it down to people I’ve known for a while … I’ll put your name on interested list for next one …

      Like you dear Santa letter, funny and honest 🙂



      1. Different days Elaine, today for me is an upside-down day … You’ll be perfect, please don’t worry, it’s not my intention to ask you to do something that’s impossibly hard, and probably you’ll find you’ll enjoy it and so will the readers 🙂

        Warm regards DC

    1. Yup, in the mail, must have been a typo in the post, could swear your name was in it when I pressed the “Publish” button !

      Check your inbox and my blog for your post title.

      Warm regards


      1. I have nothing (well not from you) in my email yet. If u send me again I promise I’ll be fast replying I’m on holidays so my time is my own:)) I’m excited ❤

  3. Can’t wait to see how this works out. Used to give improv talks, so put me on the standby list. Of course the improv talks were because I was never able to write the talk out :), but this sounds like fun.

    1. Thanks dude, I’ll put you on the reserves 🙂

      Next round I’ll have a better idea how this will work, so keep an eye on what’s happening and don’t be shy 😎

      Warm regards


  4. I am looking forward to seeing how this challenge pans out.
    I might be throwing my hat into the ring for the next one–because I do love a good blogging challenge (although most of mine involve cooking gelatin or offal).

    1. So I am !

      I’m keeping it limited numbers and people that I’ve known for a while on this one, hopefully iron out any creases so the next one will be even more awesome 🙂

      Warm regards


      1. Well Shaun is probably sleeping because unlike Belinda (who is in his part of the world also) he mustn’t stay up late 😉
        btw – Have you just pulled an all-nighter as well?

      2. Hey Suz, I’m woefully behind on everything, sorry for not reply email and not send document, will do as soon as I can I promise … and yes all nighter, 4 hours sleep then 300 photos of a buddha carved in mountainside and a thai vine yard, a visual delight – you will enjoy 🙂

  5. Dear Mr Charisma, Sir ~ I would be inclined to humbly and most appreciatively accept your kindest most honourable offer. SOUNDS EPIC! LOVED watching ‘whose line’ –

    1. Sounds like the perfect storm brewing on … I have to confirm all the participants, and we’re probably talking hours time scales, I need to go to bed now, have a busy day tomorrow 🙂

      1. Yup, just need the confirms at the moment, then I’ll let you guys know the topic and your post titles … it’s 07:18am here and I need to sleep !

  6. Is this what I signed up for??! I used up all of my good lines wooing my blogging harem. (Oh, man, I hope none of them follow you, DC. Am I ever in trouble if they do.)

    Appreciate the opportunity. Cheers.

    1. You’re welcome, and partly your idea !

      I’m sure a man as charismatic as yourself can think on the spot of new lines, so shouldn’t be an issue 🙂

      The challenge is actually already set, just I haven’t told you exactly what it is … you will like it, I hope 😎



      1. Need to confirm the other participants dude, I think hours rather than minutes or seconds, as I’m off to bed soon … I’ll let you know, don’t leave the country 🙂

      2. OK, Charly priest keeps on saying “stay frosty”, he had to explain that to me also … I missed out on the forces, I’m a lover not a fighter !

      1. I don’t know whether to be flattered or not. 😉
        Seriously, I don’t play well with others so wouldn’t have been in a harem I’m sure. But karma sure is a b**ch if I keep coming back to haunt you lol 😀

  7. Love this idea! I am looking forward to the end results. Although I am not usually long-winded on my own blog, I do have moments of clarity when all the pistons are firing. Therefore I am throwing my novice hat into the ring as an alternate, or future guinea pig 🙂

    1. So am I, I think it will be fun 🙂

      I’ve added you to the reserves list, and will see how this one works out before planning the next one.

      I found with impro that being inexperienced is part of the fun 🙂

      Warm regards


  8. What a fantastic idea that is 🙂

    I for one have seen many a Whose Line Is It Anyway? episode and thoroughly enjoy improvisational theatre. Improv blogging is a spectacular idea! Experimentation is key to creativity, afterall.

    1. Totally and absolutely spot on … I hope I’ll be able to do the impro and whose line is it anyway show justice, I have an idea of what they’ll write about and seems like fun … so fingers crossed 🙂 warm regards DC

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