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Whose Blog Is It Anyway ? – The Challenge

If you didn’t read the first post, you should, it’s here – Don Charisma’s Writing Challenge

The great thing about impro is I can make up the rules as I go along, nobody can complain, as that’d be outside the spirit of impro!

Side note – Today I’ve been to see a humongous Buddha carved into a mountainside and a Thai vine yard, some 300 photos in the pipeline, so again I’m behind on my blog … Whose Blog Is It Anyway Poster Whose Blog Is It Anyway Poster

The Challenge

Your challenge, that you’ve chosen to accept is …

Overall TopicWomen

StyleHumorous and light hearted with just a sprinkle of informative

navigator1965 post title – ” ‘What do women want?’ is the dumbest question a man could ever ask ”

suzjones post title – ” ‘What do women want?’ is the smartest question a man could ever ask ”

prayingforoneday post title – ” ‘What do women want?’ is the smartest question a man could ever ask ”

sfoxwriting post title – ” Women make better leaders than men ”

idiotwriter post title – ” ‘Girlfriend’ – ‘THE’ instruction manual, for men ”

dannyboybroderick post title – ” Men make better chefs than women ”

travellingmacs post title – ” ‘What do women want?’ is the dumbest question a man could ever ask 

Notes to my guest Improvisers

You are all capable and intelligent writers, and I have faith that each one of you is able to produce something awesome for this challenge, or otherwise I wouldn’t have chosen you. Quality is preferable to quantity.

The topics are all potentially contentious, so please use your talents to write in a way that’s not designed to offend.

You are “for” your post title, your post title is the subject of your post. You are NOT reviewing a book called whatever your post title is, or any other clever way of not writing about your post title.

Use your common sense and don’t be a smart-arse. For smart-arses I just add new rules.

THIS IS FOR FUN, so be humorous and not too serious.

I will make a gap of at least one hour between your posts. Rules are here – Don Charisma’s Writing Challenge

A little about impo from wikipedia –

Applying improv principles in life

Many people who have studied improv have noted that the guiding principles of improv are useful not just on stage but in everyday life. For example, Stephen Colbert in a commencement address said,

Well, you are about to start the greatest improvisation of all. With no script. No idea what’s going to happen, often with people and places you have never seen before. And you are not in control. So say “yes.” And if you’re lucky, you’ll find people who will say “yes” back.

For me, Impro is essentially about starting with nothing, or almost nothing and then making something out of nothing, often something good, and sometimes something magical. It’s learning to work with natural creative processes, without spending years studying, often an improviser spends only seconds studying. So the learning curve is cut exponentially. The results aren’t nearly as polished, but boy is it amazing what you can achieve when you just do instead of thinking about it too much beforehand.

Or look at it another way, it’s learning how to get something on that blank piece of paper that’s called the first page of my book, or my awesome art or whatever you’re trying to create. The journey doesn’t begin without the first step, and learning the first step might be all that you need, you don’t know until you try.

I will start posting your submissions once I’ve received and reviewed *four* or more submissions, so there isn’t a set deadline, but you will get left behind if you’re slow. So no pressure 🙂

Also the continuation of Don Charisma’s “Whose Blog is it Anyway ?”, it’s success or failure and the many others participants that may or may not follow in your footsteps, rests entirely in your hands. So again no pressure 🙂

Unleash your creative geniuses OR let’s just have a good laugh at each other.

Enjoy making your posts – my audience and I are looking forward to being confused, bemused, amused, baffled, befuddled and amazed 🙂

Warm regards

Don Charisma

PS I will email all of my improvisers, please confirm receipt.

Resources & Sources

Image (Creative Commons) – Flickr – Anirudh Koul –

30 thoughts on “Whose Blog Is It Anyway ? – The Challenge

      1. I had my suspicions as to the topic choice – I hope you will be pleased with the outcomes 😉 LOTS of fun to be had now…except I am to say the least SOZZLED! (yes I know I should not be advertising that – particularly as it is not a frequent occurrence!)
        Cheers to ‘improve’ and MOSTLY CHEERS to NAVIGATOR! (sorry – he is quite the hero to me)
        If I say anymore I will be in trouble!

        DANG – wish I could write a poem…but no fear — typing mania shall ensue 😀
        TA TA for now dear.

      2. Sozzled, polite way of saying “pissed” or “tipsy” I guess LOL …

        It was Suz that’s really behind all this, she started it with her fellow bloggers and I only found out about Nav enough to spark my interest via Suz … So if anyone to thank (or blame) it’s Suz …

        Nav’s post on suz’s blog inspired the topic.

        I’m a bit of an “ideas chef”, collect the ingredients and cook them together into something tasty …

        Confused, well you should be !

        And as for writing a poem, why you think I gave you an instruction manual ? … it’s called a challenge for a reason, because it’s challenging, doh !



      3. That’s a polite way of putting it all 😉 I am tickled by my topic to be sure…in FACT – I can not wait to start writing – just gettin gall the little peeps off to bed ya know — and then we will see what unravels… MY BIGGEST problem – I have TOO MANY thoughts sneaking around my brain — which is NOT a terribly bad thing…

        But enough – the more we speak – the more I will lose my initial response – which is of course the whole point right 😉


  1. I should have mentioned this yesterday, but I perform improv and you’re brief summary is exactly true. It’s important to “yes, and…” everything. Once an offer is denied, or you walk through a table that someone implied/set on stage the scene is broken.

    There are so many improv-related posts on my blog, a improv-inspired business/communication post that I had written for my friend’s website, and (if you are interested) I can e-mail you the specific links.

    1. Hey … I’m woefully behind on *everything* at the moment and I went with people I’ve know for some time, for my first blogging-impro experiment … I want to give it the best chance of success … would certainly be helpful for someone to join who’s currently performing … you reckon you’re up for the challenge ?

      If so write me a warm-up exercise for my improvisers – one paragraph

      … and one paragraph of “intro to impro” in layman’s terms and in keeping with what I’ve proposed for this the first challenge.

      OK ?



      1. Oh, I just wanted to say you hit the nail on the head with the basic rule of improv, and not to express any displeasure. I don’t, rest assured. 🙂

        I will definitely help you out with the paragraphs. When would you like them by?

      2. Yup, I got that, don’t worry I’m pretty straightforward guy and fairly easy going … and wasn’t trying to imply anything …

        If you have time, then ASAP, I hesitate to say now, as I don’t know your schedule … was going to post warm-up and intro to impro straight away and add you onto the list with your topic.



        PS would like to read more on your blog and link(s) suggested, but later, if that’s ok.

      3. let this round pass. If it works well for you, and you like what I produce as far as improv summaries, you can decide to pick me up for the next round.

        I would like to earn my rank with you, sir.

      4. OK dude up to you, but it’s an opportunity to promote yourself to my 10000 followers, and I’m a confirm short at the moment.

        You’ve already earn’t my respect through persistence, being qualified and motivated, is there another hoop that I missed ?



  2. In the lead with the first “like”! I have to take *someone* somewhere for *something*, so my submission will be in this evening. I’m at

    In tribute to the immortal blogger Madam Aussa Lorens and her expansively original vocabulary, there will be no douchbaggery in my submission.


    1. Great, it’s just for fun, if you can teach or learn-us anything useful alls the better …

      Dinging you off an email now my GPS hating friend 🙂



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