Minor Buddha 2

Minor Buddha 2 (Pra Bah-jam-wan-gert)

The Big Buddha has minor Buddhas, one for each day of the week. For YOU, your minor Buddha would be the same as the day of the week you were born on. Born on Monday, your minor Buddha would be the Monday one. Also some of the minor Buddhas don’t have weekdays !

I only found out about this after I’d returned from taking the photos, and I know all the days apart from Thursday. So sorry Thursday people.

In Thai the weekday Buddhas are called “Pra Bah-jam-wan-gert”, or at least that’s my best phonetic representation. Minor Buddha 2 Minor Buddha 2


13 thoughts on “Minor Buddha 2 (Pra Bah-jam-wan-gert)

  1. Are you awake yet? It’s the middle of the night here in Kentucky, so probably close to middle of day in Thailand. Send me some of that heat. Really cold here, and I’m freezing. Lots of blankets, lots of heavy sweaters, but have to leave heat off so I can breathe better. Too cold to go outside. Wind tunnel effect around building. Have a good one luv.

    1. I would if I could, it’s often too hot here … I was sleeping … at the moment I’m working more US and europe hours which mean I get up very late in the day and work all night … have to try get back to a normal sleeping pattern as it does make me naggy in the end .. cheers

      1. Did you all have any problems from the typhoon? Sorry…my knowledge of the geography in that part of the world is not very good and I am a teacher…but I know lots about incredible India! 😎

      2. We seem to avoided it, so lucky so far. I get a regular news feed from a forum and haven’t said anything about Typhoon here, so lucky. Mostly it’s just insanely hot !

        I’d like to go to India, southern India kerala sounds awesome, and there’s a lot of vegetarians there, so would suit me:)

        Good to hear from you, hope all it well … a lot more photos from my big buddha photoshoot coming up, hope you like!



      3. Kerala is awesome…..think jungle and remember that jungle is a Hindi word. We also went to Goa cause the students begged for a two day respite . They hit the beaches and architect and I visited the Portuguese churches which just like in Europe…didn’t imagine that at all! I am good…wish I could send you some of the cold upstate weather and you could reciprocate with some warm or hot…Will look forward to the pix! If you can spend the night on a houseboat in the backwaters of Kerala. We just went on a 4 hour trip, but would really like to do that. At least for us, everything in India is such a bargain expense wise…don’t know about your currency It must be the middle of the night there….go to sleep!. . . . .

      4. Should be in bed, but my blog most busy when the yanks are awake, so tends to be time i work.

        Thanks for info on kerala, I heard there are a lot of christians there, so may explain the churches. I had a good friend Jim in London who came from there and he’s a good guy.

        Although I’m by the sea, I’m not much one for beaches, the sand on my feet is like fingernails on a blackboard. I do brave it now and again. And sometimes I get to go scuba, but haven’t been for a while now.

        ok, me signing off, time for bed … speak soon

        Warm regards


      5. Yes, there are many more Christians in the south, though two of the students and I found a church in Ahmadabad but the services were in Hindi or Gujarat…who knows. And I was going to tell you that most of India is total veg in their eating. The huge cities have meat , but you won’t have any problem finding veg. I have pretty much lost my desire to eat meat now that I am back but I do love BBQ! Thought of beef reminds my of my cow friends who walked with me in the streets. I always touched their foreheads in a blessing. They get high on the fumes and flies don’t like the flumes so they congregate in the middle of the road or at the corners.

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