Minor Buddha 1 Saturday

Minor Buddha 1, Saturday (Pra Bah-jam-wan-gert)

The Big Buddha has minor Buddhas, one for each day of the week. For YOU, your minor Buddha would be the same as the day of the week you were born on. Born on Monday, your minor Buddha would be the Monday one. Also some of the minor Buddhas don’t have weekdays !

I only found out about this after I’d returned from taking the photos, and I know all the days apart from Thursday. So sorry Thursday people.

In Thai the weekday Buddhas are called “Pra Bah-jam-wan-gert”, or at least that’s my best phonetic representation. Minor Buddha 1 Saturday Minor Buddha 1 Saturday


Don Charisma

10 thoughts on “Minor Buddha 1, Saturday (Pra Bah-jam-wan-gert)

      1. I guess I could probably google it, huh?
        I hope you’re having a good whatever it is, wherever you are. You may have already told me that, but I can’t remember shit! LOL
        Wild Thang 🙂

      2. 🙂 I’m just the photographer, spent an hour or so taking pictures on a busy saturday guest blogging for Harsh Reality … I’m sure if you google “thai buddhist day of week” or some combination you’ll get the full rundown:)

  1. Maybe I like this one better. Do any of them look like angels or butterflies? And have I told you lately how much I love my logo? Thinking about changing the post to Angel’s Place. Can’t wait to see all the photos, but think I had better hit the hay right now. Getting a bit sleepy. Have a good one luv.

      1. There’s 14 in the set, they’ll be coming out over the next few hours, so watch your inbox … I’ve also got some more pictures of the big buddha that I’ve stitched together today…really very beautiful photos:)

        Warm regards


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