Spam or Not Spam

Is This Spam or Not Spam ?

I’ve got a comment in my approval queue, been there a while, not sure whether to put it into the spam box or not. I don’t like to spam things that aren’t spam, and always do my best to reply to every genuine comment. Spam boxing someone genuine could mean that it’s hard for them to post comments later. So I like to make an informed decision.

However the comment is just 3 words, and a bit generic. The person doesn’t have a Gravatar account or WordPress blog, and there webpage link is for Facebook profile. Also the email looks like it could be fake, but hard to say. I’ve redacted email and IP address, as I believe in respecting privacy.

Spam or Not Spam
Spam or Not Spam

What do you think ?

UPDATE 8-Nov-2013 – There is a tie in the poll between spam and trash boxes (5 votes each). So to be fair as possible I’ve decided to trash it, erring to the side of caution.

23 thoughts on “Is This Spam or Not Spam ?

  1. I would say spam, testing to see if you thought it wasn’t and allowed it through so they could then bombard you with the real heavy duty spam! I’m still trying to find a culinary use for viagra, it’s not much good for anything else for me!

    1. I was fairly sure before posting this, that it’s spam … people who liked getting stoned make hash cakes … perhaps you could make a viagra cake for any friends that are feeling “frisky” ?

      1. I Hate spam….my comment box is flooded with crap…lol it took me a minute to figure out I could just hit empty spam…Yup I was going through checking the box then hitting delete…I’m so slow sometimes!

      2. I usually give the spam box a quick scan/speed read looking at the senders name. Rationale, spammers names are usually obviously false. I’ve got quite good at it I it can scan a page at a time in a few seconds … reason being sometimes akismet puts stuff that isn’t spam in there !

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