16 thoughts on “Angie’s Place “Logo” – Quick Adobe Illustrator Fun

  1. Don, I love it. Perfect. I’m going to try to get it for my gravitar now. So beautiful. Just woke up from a nap after being up all night going thru 352 emails and writing my blog, then therapy today. Almost fell in the hall, but the therapist caught me in time, so thanks for the wings. Now I’ll keep reminding myself every day that I am really an angel and have my wings to hold me up. I love it, luv you.


    1. Hey Angie, I can send you one without my logo on it, would be better for your avatar. Can also do one that has the “background” removed you could use as a logo to go on any photos. Send me an email, so I have you email address and I’ll email them to you.

      Try and take it easy on yourself, too much ups and downs can have an overall negative impact on us, try and keep it steady if you can:)

      Warm regards


      1. I’m doing well Don! Thanks for asking! Having a hard time with French lessons but I think it’s worth learning it. 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying your evening!

      2. Having a good evening thanks, same for you:)

        Languages are good to learn, if you like the language or if you have a reason to communicate in it:) Keep at it, persistence will pay off…



  2. Nice Don. Just yesterday I downloaded the Adobe Ideas app for iPad, which is basically Illustrator but with less of the complicated features that beginners don’t need. It is still pretty powerful though. You should check it out!

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