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What I Learnt about Blog Awards during my “Awards Day”

To Award, or not to Award: that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles. … Continued

Hamlet, Don Charisma style and yes I have no idea what it means, my English Lit was a B or C I think. I’m getting better at working with poetry and stuff, but still a long way before I understand Shakespeare and start writing  my own poetry !

So anyway, look here’s what I learnt during my awards day, about blog awards.

Don Charisma, DonCharisma, Awards

Awards: The Good, The Bad and the quite Repulsive

So Awards Day over, a marathon, I accepted maybe 10 awards in one day and gave awards to more than 100 bloggers. 18 hours from start to finish. Why put myself through such a task ?

Well it started with Shaun Gibson when someone awarded me the “I am part of the WordPress Family Award”. This was the first award I accepted and I accepted it because it really touched on my own core values. Awards are more or less in tune with my core values, some I appreciate more or less depending on what it’s called and what it’s for.

Having said this, there are some lovely, inspiring and truly positive people here on WordPress and eventually after a massive backlog of awards, I decided it’s time to thank them and accept ALL the awards offered.

I’m glad that I accepted all of these awards in one day, because I learn’t so much so quickly and because it was a fun and enjoyable experience.

It was also a chance to share a little bit more of myself, which I feel helps people connect with me and my blog. I could try to project an illusion of perfectness, but honestly, I’m not that perfect. Perfectness a tough act to keep up, and never much scope for improvement LOL

My blog trolls post I felt was quite revealing about myself, felt quite exposed when I finished and I was quite reluctant to post it. In fact it took two more experienced blogger’s peer review and their “signoffs” before I did. I was a very successful post, I think basically because most people had experiences with having to deal with numb-skull people and were able to connect with what I was writing. I think I was worried people would think harshly of me, but my experience was entirely the opposite, I was praised very highly for bringing the issue to light.

“Hate” – Some people don’t like awards. I was a little like this to start off with when I started my blog. I don’t know whether it’s some kind of humility, that they think they’d be being big-headed if they accept awards. Others might be worried about being “spammy”. Others might be “shy”, not want to reveal to much about themselves in public, which makes sense. Others might be worried about being judged unfairly or harshly. Or could be that some bloggers feel that awards are “unprofessional”. I don’t really know, silence they say is golden, but not a lot of feedback comes from silence and therefore not much learning. Perhaps one of the anti-award bloggers will comment on this post and fill in the blanks for me?

“Love” – Others seem to love them, the chance to share a compliment publicly, publicly naming other blogs they like/love and sharing a little bit about themselves. It’s also a great way to meet new friends, it’s how I met Shaun Gibson, he’s colourful, yes, but you couldn’t wish for a better blogger friend. And also a good way to promote ourselves and what we’re doing. I had a great deal of positive feedback, from my awardees and from people who follow my blog.

“Repulsive” – Nah, not really, personally I think awards are great, a great way to have something to blog about for new bloggers, a great way to show appreciation and compliments, and a great way to make new friends. However I’m not everybody and some people are repulsed by awards, this is their choice.

My “System” that emerged

What I discovered after my N’th post was that there is a formula for writing an award post. Mine goes something like this (yours may well be different) …

A) SUBJECT – Tell them it’s an award, from whom and thankyou – for example

“The Versatile Blogger Award, Paulette (totallyinspiredpc), thankyou:)”

B) Intro – Tell people that you’re a little excited and what award it is again. Tell people a little anecdote or joke or whatever ice breaker, mine was to include pictures of “my fans” and say only kidding (not really my fans, Justin Beiber’s or whoevers). That got a little stale after a while, so try different things there.

Side note: I always include a picture in every post as the picture shows up in the WordPress reader, facebook, twitter etc. It takes you a little more time, but your post much more likely to get read.

C) Refer to your awarder – Just show the link to your awarders post and thank them again.

D) Accept the award – Graciously and humbly accept the award

E) Give directions on what an awardee needs to do to accept the award – goes something like this :

To accept this award, the awardee must do the following:

  1. Display the Award on your Blog.
  2. Announce your win with a post and thank the Blogger who awarded you.
  3. Present (number ##) deserving Bloggers with the Award.
  4. Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded with a comment.
  5. What they must do, for example 7 interesting facts, answer 10 questions etc

F) Show the badge for the award – a picture of the badge

G) Meet you own conditions of accepting the award – eg answer 10 questions, 7 facts about yourself etc Personally I didn’t go into too much intimate detail, just some ordinary, perhaps witty facts about yourself. Keep you’re most special bits for your friends and family.

H) Who you are awarding to – list the links to the blogs who you want to give the award to

*almost done*

I) Comment for copy&paste – Lastly I put together a little comment in notepad, which goes along the lines –

Hey, I’ve awarded you the “Versatile Blogger” Award, yay !


Warm regards

Don Charisma

Once the post is published I used the links from my own post to visit each site’s “About” page and give the award.

That’s it.

Took me a while to figure out there was a system, but once I figured it out saved me a lot of time. The only award that I’ve accepted that doesn’t exactly follow this system is the “Inner peace” award, but you can figure that out for yourself.

Who to give awards to

I’m fairly random with my awards. But here’s some suggestions :

  1. People who obviously spend a lot of time on your blog, commenters, likers etc.
  2. People who you’ve developed friendships with
  3. People who you like their blogs
  4. People that you can find in the reader, who look like they deserve an award (and obviously aren’t “no awards” blogs)

Try and mix and match it a bit, some old faces some new ones.

DonCharisma, Don Charisma, Etiquette

Award Etiquette

A couple of people asked me about this. Blog awards are fairly relaxed, and also bloggers tend to be fairly forgiving. Here’s some useful things to know to help in doing blog awards “the right way” :

  1. As I understand it, it’s possible to accept an award multiple times.
  2. Don’t be offended if someone doesn’t accept the award, they don’t have to. If they don’t reply or respond, just ignore it – no problem, maybe they’ll do it later or maybe it’s not right for them.
  3. You can take as long as you like to accept an award, but would be polite to let your awarder know that you’ve accepted and just need to schedule time to do you acceptance post.
  4. Check to see if the blog has a “no awards” badge before awarding.
  5. Take the time to thoughtfully word what you are saying to your awardees, with them in mind.
  6. Try not to make the award acceptance post too much about yourself, and make sure the awardees know it’s as much about them.
  7. Blog awards can get a bit like Chinese-whispers rules wise, with inexperienced bloggers leaving bits out or in some cases people being lazy and not explaining things properly. THEREFORE Be professional about receiving and giving awards. Seek for authoritative rules, from the originator if possible, OFTEN it’s not possible to find the “source” rules. You might want to review Sopphey’s post on liebsters or Shaun’s Original Post on I am Part of the WordPress Family. Take the authoritative rules over what your awarder has said.
  8. Always do separate posts for each individual award. I’ve accepted awards that were combined and this was very hard work to figure out the rules and exactly what was going on. Don’t be lazy, please think about the people you’ve giving awards to. Also combining awards can take the “value” out of awards. Don’t do it.


Blog awards can be fun and helpful to you spiritually by making new friends and encouraging other people. They can also help you promote yourself and your blog. A friend mentioned chain letters as an anology, some people like them some don’t, personally I think anything that helps me promote myself is a good thing.

Try and do your best to act professionally when doing awards. Take it seriously enough that others feel genuinely complimented by receiving an award, and make sure your post is clear so that understand what the rules are.

Use my “system” to help you save time and make the award process smother/more enjoyable for you and your awardees. You could use the “Copy a Post” feature in WordPress editor (under “Writing Helper”) to copy a previous post, and change the relevant bits, which will save you even more time.

And one last thing, I ended up using the “Gallery” widget on WordPress to display my badges, well multiple widgets actually. The first one has a title “Awards” with two badges, the next has two badges (no title), the next has three badges (not title) and so on. Seems to present quite nicely.

Good luck and happy awarding.

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53 thoughts on “What I Learnt about Blog Awards during my “Awards Day”

  1. So glad you posted this Don. I printed it out so if I ever wake up completely I’ll be able to finish the work of accepting the award. This post sure makes it look a lot easier for me since I’m a bit mentally challenged at the moment. Maybe after I sleep in a few days I’ll grow a brain cell back and actually be able to do something intelligent. Ya jist never know. Right now I’m on a sugar high from eating fudge all night. Not exactly the best diet choice, but since I’ve lost enough weight that my clothes are falling off, it really doesn’t matter any more. Hey, I think that’s part of a country song. I really am getting punchy. Guess it’s time for more fudge. Later bro. Luv ya.

  2. Hi Don!! first of all thank you for the “Inner Peace” and “Sunshine” Awards 🙂 I was so surprised as I am new in the blog-sphere(I was not sure that I cause Inner peace and bring sunshine but it sound so sweet and nice) and partly I write in greek 🙂 ……. also I realized that I dont know so many bloggers to nominate them(I follow only 3 so far 😦 )…….I dont have so much time still to interact with others even though it looks so nice to communicate with so many interested people…hopefully in the future…..but I could surely give you the award(if it exists) of encouraging, the award of support and the award of positiveness ! thank you for being my connection …kind regards from greece :)))))

    1. Hey, you are welcome:) I think really you can nominate who you like, main thing is to enter into the spirit of the awards. I like your blog and some very nice messages…keep in touch, Don Charisma

  3. And I thank you or the new award you sent me. I must say it might be a few days till I get time to go to it…the paid job is so demanding a the moment lol. But in the words of Rachel Hunter about Pantene goodness…”It won’t happen overnight but it will happen” 🙂

    1. I was standing outside a nightclub smoking a cigarette in London. One of the girls I was chatting to made reference to “Facetube”, then looked a bit embarrassed and corrected herself, she’d meant facebook. What I got from this is “her internet” consisted of facebook and youtube. So yes there are many worlds and then worlds within worlds on internet, partly due to people’s idea of what the internet is/consists of. The way it’s currently going for me, I’m unlikely to be saying “Word-Book” or “Face-Press”, more likely “Twit-Press” or “Word-itter” if that makes sense.

      You are welcome BTW



  4. This is a great post. I have had to establish my own system as well. I realized after spending 8 hours accepting 2 awards, I just had to figure out something else. I like getting them, love awarding them to others, but have to have a professional look. You deserve every one you were awarded.

    1. Hey Rene, yes that makes sense. I’ve been working towards a professional look with the gallery widget, smaller “icons” I think looks better. It would also be possible to build a “page” for awards, for those who don’t want to “clutter” their sidebar. I think your slideshow works well for decluttering:)

      Peace, love and happiness


      1. On mine, being more of the shy award receiver, I put them in a box that has a slide show of sorts. If you watch the page, they go round like a carousel, thus not taking up a ton of space on the page and also not tooting my own horn much.


  5. It took me a couple of hours yesterday to do up my awards. I generally leave them to a weekend when I have a little extra time to do it.
    The one thing you left out and that I am totally clueless about is “How do I put the damn things in my sidebar now”? 🙂

    1. That’s a good idea, although I like to try and spend a bit less time at the weekend in front of a computer, so if I put them off till the weekend they may never get done.

      I did cover putting them on the sidebar, in the conclusion. My preferred solution is to use the gallery widget. One could also use the image widget, but this takes up a lot of space on the sidebar. Our one could use the arbritary text/html widget, but this takes a bit of html knowledge. Only potential downside I’ve found with the gallery so far is it’s not that quick to load for some reason, so may be a little delay in people seeing the images.

      Hope you’re having a good weekend


      1. Thank you for pointing that out to me. You did write about it and I missed it…. AND I was wearing my glasses!!! Ooops sorry. Thanks for you assistance with this one. 🙂

      2. No bother, I tend to speed read and scan a lot, so often miss things, it’s become a necessity these days with the amount of emails etc I get, otherwise I’d be working 24/7. Just play around with the widgets until you find something you like or create a “page” to put them on.



  6. I just did three awards… The part I enjoy is passing it on to other blogs that I feel would benefit from the exposure… It is a bit time consuming, but the intention is in line with my beliefs.

    1. That’s good got to be inline with what you believe. It is time consuming, hopefully this post will save people time and give them a better understanding of the pros and cons



  7. Thanks Don for giving a fresh update to the process! I accepted my awards and I am going be a little behind on posting, etc 😦 I am dealing with dental stuff and hope to catch up soonest! Thanks again, my friend! Be blessed 🙂

      1. Sorry forgot to mention the lower front four teeth are a bridge on implants, they are a big part of why I had the work done in the first place.

        If I had the choice, which I didn’t, then I would have gone for the separate individual teeth on imaplants. Reasons for this are ease of cleaning, lower cost of repair should it break (now I have to pay for four teeth to be replaced if bridge breaks) and aesthetic.

        Reasons against implants are it’s quite invasive the surgery that’s involved and the time factor.

        The time factor could be avoided by going for Straumann implants which heal in only one month.

        There are pros and cons for either route. If it’s just one tooth, and the two teeth either side are good then I’d probably be inclined towards implant route because bridge they will have to grind down the two good teeth.

        I basically had all four lower front teeth missing, and one of my uppers near the front missing. They placed three Straumann implants, and I had a bone graft front lower jaw. I’d gone for the Straumann implants for quicker healing time, but the bone graft mean’t I still have to wait April-October last year. Because of the way may “bite” had evolved, the only way to accomodate the new lower front teeth was to crown all the others. It looks awesome. But I think with dental work you really must be prepared for “No pain, no gain”. Worth it in the end.



      2. Yup, I have some decisions to make by Friday! Thanks for the insight, Don! I appreciate you taking the time to provide me with actual experience so I know exactly the pros and cons, either way, no pain, no gain 🙂 thank you so much!! Enjoy your day, my friend!!

      3. Bottom line for me personally would be to err to the side of implants with crowns, if you have good teeth either side. It’s more expensive, but I think it’s a better dental solution, and “maintenance” cost should be less than for a bridge. Also aestically, someone close up can tell it’s a bridge, whereas with individual crowns it can be much harder to tell. Obviously please be prepared for pain either case, if someone had told me that, it would have helped a lot.

        For implants I ended up crushing paracetemol/codiene tablets (between two small spoons), mix with a little water and use it as a “wash” over the area, was very effective.

        Warm regards


  8. Very interesting Don, I liked reading it!
    And I guess I just am a bit stubborn. I noticed the post of our friend Shauny where he said ‘no more awards’ and just nominated him anyway. 🙂
    Luckily he liked it. Lol.
    Have a great weekend!
    Lots of love

    1. LOL well i guess he was just finding all his time tied up in awards, and not doing the stuff he wanted on his blog.

      Hopefully I’ve refined my awards process enough that it’ll be taking up less time now …

      You sound a bit of a rebel ?

      Have a great weekend too …

      Love too

      Don Charisma

      1. A rebel? Me?
        Uhm…yes I am! 🙂 lol
        Not that good with following rules at all!
        But I guess I’m not as bad as our Scottish friend. (I mean, did you see Braveheart?)
        Now that’s rebellion! (Sorry Shauny! *wink*)

        Awards are definitely taking up a lot of time, but I still do them anyway. I think it’s very sweet when people hand them out and it’s indeed a great way to get to know new people! 🙂

      2. Shaun’s a rebel with a fairly decent sense of virtue, so a rebel in a good way … jury’s out on you, but I’m hoping to reach the same or similar conclusion as I did with Shaun:)

        There’s pros and cons for awards, I like the encouragement for new bloggers and helping to promote others that we think are “worthy” (for want of a better word) … downside is the time, and seems that some don’t like awards, so you might end up letting a troll out from under his or her stone … but what they say – you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs 🙂

        Good to talk

        Warm regards

        Don Charisma

  9. I guess I didn’t elaborate on the time factor, although spending 18 hours in one day is a big clue.

    There are definitely pros and cons for awards, and up to the individual blogger to decide what’s right for them. I’ve made some new friends, and strengthened my relationships with some others down to awards.

    Pros and cons … like many things in life.

    Same Shaun, you’ve helped me a lot here on WordPress, grateful for that and our friendship.

    Warm regards

    Don Charisma

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