DonCharisma Canon PhotoStitch Panorama

How to get Canon PhotoStitch Panorama and Photo Stitching software for free

I’ve owned several Canon digital cameras over the years, which have all come with a “free” utility called PhotoStitch.

PhotoStitch isn’t the most feature packed or the newest software, but it does work well, made by a well respected company. It can do Panning (Scenery etc), Parallel Camera Movement (Documents etc) and Images scanned in sections.

I’ve tested it with Photos taken on my iPhone 4s and it seems that the pictures don’t have to be taken on a Canon camera.

Update Mar-2014 – I’ve just written about alternatives to Canon Photostitch, so you might want to check them out in my article – “Panorama Stitching Software – Alternatives To Canon Photostitch”

DonCharisma Canon PhotoStitch Panorama
Canon PhotoStitch Panorama

Reason that I’m writing about this, is that ten years after taking some Panoramas, I wanted to stitch them together. I didn’t have the install CD or the camera or the software any more. After much hunting high and low, I found it’s possible to install PhotoStitch for free.

Here’s how :

1. Download the Canon PhotoStitch Updater 3.1.23 (see links below) filename will be “”

1A. If you already have Photostitch installed then skip to step 4.

2. Make a new text document, save as “canon_or_whatever.txt”, then rename to “canon_or_whatever.reg”, contents :

Windows 7 32bit – 

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Windows 7 64bit – 

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Canon\ZoomBrowser EX]
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Canon\ZoomBrowser EX\Settings]
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Canon\ZoomBrowser EX\Install]

3. Double click on the “canon_or_whatever.reg” file and accept changes when asked by the User Control Account. This puts “dummy” entries in the computer’s registry so installer thinks PhotoStitch is already installed.

4. Run the installer for Canon PhotoStitch Updater 3.1.23. This will either update existing software, or if you’ve patched the registry, then will install from scratch.

5. You should be good to go, if not, or you’re a Mac user, then there is a little more detail here.

Tips for using

1. There are features tucked away behind buttons, so take some time to familiarise with all the functions

2. Pictures need to be ordered correctly for Photostitch to work, so you’ll need to reorder if not already in exactly the correct order, left to right.

3. When the join isn’t quite right you can use the “Display Seems” and match corresponding parts of photos manually. Two options drag and drop the whole left photo onto right or match up small square sections.

4. Saving in Photoshop .psd files seems to give higher quality images.

5. I found a video tutorial here, if you have the patience to listen to the guy talking !



Install Canon camera software without the CD

Canon PhotoStitch Updater 3.1.23 (Australian Website) Win 7 & 8 (32 & 64 bit)-

Canon PhotoStitch Updater 3.1.23 (UK Website Website) Win 7 & 8 (32 & 64 bit)-

Canon USA Website-

144 thoughts on “How to get Canon PhotoStitch Panorama and Photo Stitching software for free

  1. Your work around worked a treat I’ve been trying to install this for some time untill now. thanks, it helps if you know how to operate DOS in the command prompt, but I figured it out after many years of not using it.

  2. I didn’t quite follow the ‘save as txt, rename as reg, then double click’ instructions but after saving a registry copy then making the changes using REGEDIT the install worked fine. Thanks!

  3. Brilliant and very helpful post. I was in the same position and couldn’t find a download that wasn’t the updater. Thanks very much for putting this online.

  4. I was in the same situation, I have a Canon camera but lost the CD with the Photo Utilities. Although I had to create the registry entries manually, it worked OK, thank you very much.

  5. Canon PHOTOSTITCH is the most useless, frustrating, panoramic software I have had the misfortune of wasting my time.. Its crap, and sad that canon could even produce this rubbish. No more for me!

  6. Ooooh! Canon photostitch is a sweet program, but I didn’t think there was anyway for me to get it on my latest laptop! This looks a little tricky, but I’m going to see if I can get it to work. Thanks.

    1. It should be fairly simple, basically you’re duping the windows registry into thinking Photostitch is already installed … if in doubt always take a backup … I say this because it’s the one time I don’t, that I get caught out !

  7. Well, geewhiz, I wish I’d seen this blog post a month ago. But my stitch-assist app was only $5, so I can’t complain too much. Thanks for following my blog. Best wishes, Melissa 🙂

    1. There’s a link in the post to alternatives have a look there … I also neglected to mention Autostich, which I came accross recently and had the same level of simplicity as Photostich … plenty to choose from there, Nikon I’m fairly sure don’t do their own software …

  8. thanx Don, just like you i already owned the software and been looking for it.
    now i have it back again thx a bunch 🙂

  9. Hi Don!
    I think photo stitching is a great idea & would have never thought about doing this on a computer. I have tried doing it with regular photos into crochet or other types of stitching. It isn’t easy either. Photo stitching to me helps to fix a puzzle & make your pictures come out sweet to show others the bigger picture to get better details than when broken up in smaller picture forms. Very cool!

    1. Hey Rodney, you are very welcome … I’ve tried the hand stitching and it’s time consuming and challenging … the software makes it much easier … check out the link I put which gives alternatives to Photostitch, there’s quite a lot of free software out there 😉


      Don Charisma

  10. Your “About Me” Blog was interesting and you’re popular (comments were closed). Anyway, I appreciate your taking the time to read my Blog. God Bless You. I don’t know that money is easy to get but I do know that is hard to keep. 🙂

    1. You are welcome and lovely to hear from you … I’m gradually reorganising the blog, improving etc …

      As for the money depends on your perspective, but yes fully know how you feel a lot of the time !

      Warm regards


    1. Hey Beverly, thanks, I posted this a while ago and it’s been very popular article … have a look around I also do photography, opinion and SEO to name three ! warm regards DC

    1. Hey Rebecca, you are very welcome, and yes I can see the gift in depression, very apt title for a blog 🙂

      Have a look around on my blog, I’m not a photographer, but managed to shoot and publish many beautiful photos taken only on my iPhone 4s

      Thanks for following me back by the way.

      Happy new year


  11. Whatever program you want to use : take care all images do have the same settings ….. avoid “auto” mode , because every image can have another exposure time , aperture and light setting . Use a tripod to have all images in line . For the rest : useful blog 🙂 , nice for those who are not that familiar with this great camera and software !

      1. Haha , I have an Iphone too , the 4S and surprisingly it has already a build in feature : panorama ! Works fine 🙂 ……… and in the end some easier to use . For real high resolution I still prefer the Canon .

  12. Not to meet you here, and thanks for following my blog. I must admit, when I looked you up and saw ‘stitching,” I first thought, Hmmm, a guy who stitches needlepoint. (eye roll) That’s how technologically non-proficient I am. But fun to see that people like you figure out this complicated stuff!

  13. Oh my gosh, it actually DID download Photostitch! I am simply the least computer-savvy person I know, so it took me awhile to figure out your directions, but when I did, it downloaded literally in a few seconds! Thanks for posting this!

    1. My pleasure, Photostitch is pretty solid software with good photos put into it, for best results probably save as a PSD for straight into Photoshop … Don’t forget Photoshop also has a panorama facility, and there’s a free software called Hugin that’s very capable … Microsoft ICE also worth looking at … personally I mostly use PTGui pro as it’s been the most reliable of all the software I tried, but I use the others from time to time too …

      Warm regards


  14. Thanks, kid! Thanksgiving in Nebraska this year has given me nice landscapes, and I needed a better way to construct a panoramic image than the manual method I used yesterday! Horrible. I remembered the Photostitch software but wasn’t sure what to do. You saved me. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. The other free route is Hugin, I will be installing myself quite soon … Photoshop can do Panos also if you have that, and I believe GIMP can do Panos too … and you are welcome, warm regards DC

  15. I tried PhotoStitch a while ago. I had to uninstall it. I kept getting pricked with the needle. I got my keyboard all bloody and it was a mess to clean up. That’s the last time I’ll buy something for a dollar on Craig’s List. I should have known something was wrong when I saw the red stains on the box.

      1. Yup, my preference at the moment.

        I also did a drawing of my girlfriend, and my original post on cartoonify’ing myself –

        Have some other drawing projects in mind, it’s just finding the time and opportunity really. Been busy with my photography at the moment, will probably switch lanes again soon !

        Warm regards


  16. For a technophobe like me it’s all Greek but I do recall my little Canon P&S did a good job at stitching… now, if only you can point me in the direction of some free Nikon stitching utilities! 😉

    1. You could use Canon photo-stitch with Nikon camera, should work fine. There is also something called Microsoft ICE (Image Composite Editor) which works quite well (and free). Hugin is free and quite decent, basically the free version of PTGui. Photoshop has photomerge built in, and that gives very good results. GIMP is the free alternative to Photoshop, and that can be adapted to do panoramas (I haven’t tried myself).

      Personally I use PTGui pro, Photoshop, and less often Photostitch and ICE. PTGui Pro is the best all round. However I have yet to find a total perfect solution …

      Don’t Nikon provide any Photostitching software ?

      Warm regards


  17. Great, thank you very much! I was in the same predicament as you – had it bundled with a Canon camera but don’t have the installation CD with me. Worked perfectly! Thanks for posting.

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