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Post Your Toilet Roll Humour Here

Seems there’s been a run on toilet paper owing to panic buying. I found a couple of amusing comments on Styx’s latest YouTube video, so to get you started :

Toilet paper manufacturing is on a roll.


The situation with the toilet rolls is starting to unravel.


“So you prepped?” “Yeah 60 packets of toilet paper” “Good lad”


This virus is great news for the New York Times. When the toilet paper runs out, people will start buying newspapers again.


I had 46 years-worth of toilet paper. Unfortunately, the rats in my basement chewed it up and made a massive nest.



Don Charisma

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4 thoughts on “Post Your Toilet Roll Humour Here

  1. Faced with the need to stock up on food, due to the lockdown, the best thing to do – especially considering Passover is approaching – is to buy loads and loads of matza – unleavened bread. It keeps for ages, a slice or two is enough to make you feel absolutely stuffed – and it causes the kind of constipation which should reduce the need for toilet paper to a minimum.

  2. Two rolls of toilet paper walked into a bar…one ran out.

    I actually really like single ply toilet paper…It helps me stay in touch with my inner self.

    A roll of toilet paper walks into a bar…The bartender says, “Man, you look awful! What’s up?” The toilet paper says, “Nothing, really. I’m just wiped.”

    Life is like a roll of toilet paper The closer you get to the end, the faster it seems to go.

    My wife got mad at me for buying $10,000 worth of toilet paper. She said i was flushing all of our money down the drain.

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